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  • This is Braken's first song on Monstercat and off-Monstercat in just over 4 years.
  • This song was added as an Easter egg on The Monstercat Website. You could play a piano melody by hovering above the letters on the Monstercat logo in the top right. The pattern was RC, RC, TE, NS, MO, TE, RC, AT, AT, AT, AT, RC, TE, TE, NS, NS, TE, RC.
    • When you played the full pattern, the logo would wobble & then play a preview of the song.
      • This is no longer accessible a couple of weeks after it was released.

[ vte ] Braken (Discography)
February 15, 2013 Flight
October 21, 2013 To the Stars
April 25, 2014 Frame of Mind
March 6, 2015 Far Away
March 19, 2019 Wherever You Go
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Tips The word "The" doesn't mean it occurs mostly in the "T' section; rather, it is excluded so that the next word after the word "The" (e.g.: "The Alchemist's Nightmare") will occur in that specific letter (e.g: "A'). • We target any song that has full similarities with that specific genre. If you think it is wrong, you're wrong.
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