"Welcome To London"
Extended Play by CloudNone
Released September 11, 2018
Catalog Number MCEP138

The Welcome To London EP is the debut EP of artist, CloudNone. It was released on September 11, 2018, and includes CloudNone's debut single, "None Trick Pony".

No. Track Length Genre Notes
1 Welcome To London4:37UK Garage
2 None Trick Pony3:49UK Garage
3 Clapham Rain1:53Ambient
4 badboy3:51UK Garage
5 Spring Snow5:51Trance

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[ vte ] CloudNone (Discography)
August 7, 2018 None Trick Pony
September 11, 2018 Spring SnowBadboyWelcome To LondonClapham Rain
November 20, 2018 From Here
January 15, 2019 Blue to Blue
Extended plays
September 11, 2018 Welcome To London EP
February 26, 2019 Midnight Underground EP
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