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Not to be confused with RIOT.

Christian Valentin Brunn, better known by his stage name "Virtual Riot", is a German DJ and electronic music producer. At the age of 23, he has released several albums and EPs, most notably his 2013 album, "There Goes Your Money." He was signed to the independent music label Disciple Recordings in 2014.

He has had numerous Beatport chart hits including "One For All, All For One" with Razihel and "Cali Born" with Helicopter Showdown.

Other electronic music outlets, such as YourEDM, have called his music "non-traditional" and "edgy," comparing him to artists like Savant.

Virtual Riot has amassed over 301,000 followers on his SoundCloud and is increasing rapidly, where he has released over 100 tracks, beginning with a "Rock-Pop-Trance fusion" piece entitled "Wake Me Up", and most recently with his EP "Save Yourself". He also has exceeded 350,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel where he uploads songs, monologues and tutorials on music production, namely his popular "Studio Time" sessions.

Prior to producing under the alias "Virtual Riot", Valentin Brunn produced Liquid Dubstep and Future Garage music under another alias known as "Your Personal Tranquillizer", and chiptune, under the alias "Code Generator". He stated in a livestream on his account (that he's lost his login to, as of 2019) that his works under that alias are "somewhere on YouTube", that being the YouTube channel "stollentroll32" featuring Valentin playing piano, and making domino videos.

On 25th April 2018, A Russian hacker had hacked the "stollentroll32" YouTube channel and completely ruined each and every video by changing the thumbnail, title and the description of each video.

Valentin later declared he'd just "Delete the channel".

In late 2015 and early 2016 he was a part of the dubstep trio known as "Chodegang" along with Barely Alive and Dubloadz from Disciple (Recordings). The project was later discontinued to internal issues between Barely Alive and Dubloadz.

Chodegang - Barely Alive (Left), Dubloadz (Middle) Virtual Riot (Right)

Virtual Riot has also produced several sample and preset packs for music producers, with some of his most popular packs being his 2014 self-titled sample pack on Prime Loops, his "Heavy Bass Design" + "Virtual Riot: Serum Presets for PRESET JUNKIES" (for Xfer Records' Serum) packs on Splice and his other preset packs for VST's like Native Instruments' Massive.

Virtual Riot - "Heavy Bass Design" (Splice Sounds)


Virtual Riot - "Serum Presets for PRESET JUNKIES" (Splice Sounds)


Virtual Riot - "Serum Presets Vol. 1" (Prime Loops)


His studio mascot is a little elephant (also known as Fant), his girlfriend (Miss Neko) bought him for his 20th birthday.

He also owns a cat named Luna.

Luna making a cameo in a Studio Time video









Monstercat Uploads[]

  1. One For All, All For One (with Razihel)
    • June 21, 2013
  2. Astronaut - Quantum (Virtual Riot remix)
    • March 19, 2014
  3. Pegboard Nerds - Talk About It (feat. Desirée Dawson) (Virtual Riot remix)
    • May 16, 2017


Artists Remixed[]

Collaborated With[]

Off-Label Discography[]


  • Never Let You Go (with Crystal Drop & Bunjee) (2012) [Bass Liberation]
  • Cali Born (with Helicopter Showdown) (2013) [Anemnesis]
  • Where Are You (with Sub.Sound) (2013) [Audiophile Live]
  • Symphony (with Jonas Minor) (2014) [Disciple Recordings]

    Virtual Riot & Jonas Minor - Symphony

  • Thwek (with Mr. Bill) (2014) [SectionZ Records]

    Virtual Riot & Mr Bill - Thwek. Bill & Virtual Riot - Thwek

  • Nightmare (feat. Autodrive & Splitbreed) (2015) [Disciple Recordings]

    Nightmare (feat. Autodrive & SPLITBREED)

  • Fatal Fist Punch (with Megalodon) (2015) [Never Say Die Records]

    Megalodon & Virtual Riot - Fatal Fist Punch

  • Feel The Bass (with JVST SAY YES) (2015) [Disciple Recordings]

    Feel the Bass (feat. Virtual Riot)

  • Borg (with Funtcase) (2016) [Disciple Recordings]

    Virtual Riot & FuntCase - Borg

  • Showdown (with ShockOne) (2016) [Disciple Recordings]

    Showdown (feat. ShockOne)

  • Juices (with Dubloadz) (2016) [Disciple Recordings]

    Virtual Riot x Dubloadz - Juices

  • Leave It Behind (with 12th Planet; feat. Ash Riser) (2016) [Disciple Recordings]

    Virtual Riot x 12th Planet - Leave It Behind (feat. Ash Riser)

  • Graveyard Shift (with Bukez Finezt) (2016) [Disciple Recordings]

    -Dubstep- Bukez Finezt - Graveyard Shift (ft. Virtual Riot)

  • Gully Squad (with 12th Planet & Twine) (2016) [Smog Records]

    12th Planet x Virtual Riot x Twine - Gully Squad

  • Nasty (with Datsik) (2016) [Firepower Records]

    Datsik x Virtual Riot - Nasty

  • Kung Fu (with PhaseOne) (2017) [Disciple Recordings]

    PhaseOne - Kung Fu (feat. Virtual Riot)

  • Beat Dem Up (with Dirtyphonics) (2017)

    Dirtyphonics x Virtual Riot - Beat Dem Up

  • Rampage (with Myro, Barely Alive & PhaseOne) (2018) [Disciple Recordings]

    Barely Alive x Virtual Riot x PhaseOne x Myro - Rampage


  • Idols (2014)

    Virtual Riot - Idols (EDM Mashup) (Official Video)

  • Superheroes (with Panda Eyes) (2015)

    -Dubstep- Virtual Riot & Panda Eyes - Superheroes (Dubstep Mashup)


  • From Space EP (2011) [Phantom Hertz Recordings]
  • Transmission EP (2011) [Phantom Hertz Recordings]
  • Super Human EP (2012) [Quantum]
  • Drop Some EP (2013) [Bass Liberation]
  • Sugar Rush EP (2013) [Audiophile Live]
  • Sugar Rush Remixes EP (2013) [Audiophile Live]
  • We're Not Alone EP (2014) [Disciple Recordings]
  • We're Not Alone Remixes EP (2014) [Disciple Recordings]
  • 100% No Bangers EP (2014) [Self-Released]
  • Nightmare EP (2015) [Disciple Recordings]
  • NightmareEP.jpg
  • Carrier


  • Nightmare (with Autodrive; feat. Splitbreed)

    Nightmare (feat. Autodrive & SPLITBREED)

  • Warm-Ups


  • Different World

    Different World



  • Another Way (2012) [Quantum]
  • Superhuman (featuring Amba Shepherd) (2012) [Quantum]
  • Energy Drink (2013) [Self-Released]
  • Paper Planes (2014) [Self-Released / NoCopyrightSounds]
  • Earth & Sky (2014) [Self-Released]
  • Thwek (With Mr. Bill) (2014) [SectionZ Records]
  • Rampage (2014) [Self-Released]
  • Fuck Gravity (2014) [Self-Released]
  • Lunar (2015) [Self-Released]
  • Mittens Is Angry (2015) [Self-Released]

    Virtual Riot - Mittens Is Angry (FREE DOWNLOAD)

  • Yonaka (2015) [Self-Released]

    Virtual Riot - Yonaka (Free Download)

  • Disintegrate (2015) [Spirited.]
  • Preset Junkies (2015) [Self-Released / UKF]
  • Dragons (2016) [Disciple Recordings]

    Virtual Riot - Dragons

  • Flutter (feat Madi) (2016) [Moving Castle]

    Virtual Riot - Flutter (Feat Madi). Madi)

  • Pixel Forest (2017) [Spirited.]

    Pixel Forest

  • Shindeiru (2018) [Disciple Recordings]

    Virtual Riot - Shindeiru

  • Continue (2018) [Disciple Recordings X Jericho]

    Virtual Riot - Continue (NEW MUSIC!)

  • How Do You Turn This On (2018) [Disciple Recordings X MiniLadd]

    How Do You Turn This On

  • Dog Fight (2018) [Disciple Recordings]

    Virtual Riot - Dog Fight-0

  • Cry Some More (2018) [Disciple Round Table]

    Cry Some More

  • Original compilation features:
    • Illusion Machine (2012) [Phantom Hertz Recordings]
    • Gangsters (2014) [Disciple Recordings]
    • Beyond (2015) [Disciple Recordings]


  • Basis - "Speaker Fuck (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2011) [Phantom Hertz Recordings]
  • Submatik & Phil feat. Holly Drummond - "One (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2012) [Self-Released/Free]
  • Nick Galea - "Now That You're Gone (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2012) [One Eighty]
  • Crystal Drop, Bunjee & Virtual Riot - "Never Let You Go (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2012) [Bass Liberation]
  • Lisa Rowe - "Black Light (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2012) [Self-Released/Free]
  • Aura Dione - "In Love With The World" (2012) [Universal Music Germany]
  • off/chopped. - "Million Miles (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2012) [Self-Released/Free]
  • Submatik - "Stories Can Wait (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Quantum]
  • Lock N Bounce - "Bad News (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Jet Set Trash]
  • 1OAKS - "Where Do We Go (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Warner Music Germany]
  • MNRS - "Arms (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Konkordski]
  • Britney Spears - "Work Bitch (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [RCA/Sony]
  • Claire - "Next Ones To Come (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Polydor/Island/Universal]
  • Youthkills - "Time Is Now (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Polydor/Island/Universal]
  • Teqq vs. Alive & Kicking - "Mistake (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Modern Chap]
  • Bring Me The Horizon - "Can You Feel My Heart (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Self-released/Free]
  • Left Boy - "Get It Right (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2013) [Self-released/Free]
  • Barely Alive feat. Spock & Directive - "Chasing Ghosts (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2014) [Disciple Recordings]
  • NIHILS - "Lovers On The Run (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2014) [Self-Released]
  • Skrillex - "Fire Away (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2014) [Self-Released/Free]
  • Barely Alive - "Dial Up (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2014) [Disciple Recordings]
  • Lana Del Rey - "Ultraviolence (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2014) [Self-Released/Free]
  • MUST DIE! - "Together (Virtual Riot Bootleg)" (2014) [Self-Released/Free]
  • Porter Robinson - "Lionhearted (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2015) [Self-Released/Free]
  • Animal Music - "I've Got You (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2015) [MUK Records]
  • Zedd - "True Colors (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2015) [Interscope/Universal]
  • Excision - "Codename X (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2016) [Rottun Recordings]
  • Flux Pavilion & Matthew Koma - "Emotional (Virtual Riot Remix)" (2016) [Self-Released/Free]
  • Barely Alive - "Binary (Barely Alive & Virtual Riot Remix)" (2016) [Disciple Recordings]
  • LDRU - "Next To You (Virtual Riot & Barely Alive Remix)" (2016) [Self Release]
  • Submatik & Phil feat. Holly Drummond - "One (Virtual Riot 2017 Remix)" (2017) [Self-Released/Free]
[ vte ] Virtual Riot (Discography)
June 21, 2013 One For All, All For One
March 19, 2014 Quantum
July 11, 2014 Follow You
May 2, 2017 Talk About It
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