It's been forever since I posted a blog on here, figured now would be an excellent time to do so.

So being an administrator has not only opened much control on the Wiki, it's also opened a lot of information and possibilities to explore. Just recently Cumulocris and I worked on the theme of the Wiki you're looking at for IV5; I specifically made the tile background and the archway banner as well as slightly adjusted the theme colors. Doing so took a lot of time, but it helped that I also worked on the April Fools theme for this year so I had experience in making the changes. I've also been editing the home page almost every day and even made some changes to what was in the Quick Access section and adjusting the right panel due to ad space. As of every week, I also create the podcast pages with all the important details (I wrote everything for Koven and Infected Mushroom's album commentaries in their respective trivias). Otherwise, I'm helping with anything I can that needs updated especially before release (plus it wouldn't be good to link on the home page to a page that doesn't exist).

I have learned a lot from my co-admins and we do as much as we can to make the Wiki better. In a way, I think we're the breath of fresh air the Wiki needs. We're no where close to being done and it will definitely take some time, but we see ourselves as helping the Wiki redeem itself with the Monstercat community. We want people to come back and have some reliability in it as well as help with the editing in a professional manner. I know I was one of those people when I began on here, wanting to help the community in learning their artists, releases, podcasts and so much more. One of my goals for this year is to finish making ALL of the podcast pages and have them up to date (133/296 are created, probably half of that is fully updated) while doing the many other things I do here and outside of the Wiki. If I can reach that, it'll give me a sigh of relief and I'd take a good break.

As of outside the Wiki, it's pretty rough with the whole epidemic thing, especially being a life-essential worker. Thankfully my job is not as rough as at a hospital, but I've been doing a lot of help renovating a section of the shop and it's odd when there's barely any customers coming in, and when they do, they enter a much smaller front area and come to a much smaller front counter with plexiglass covering most of the opening. The whole thing is nuts and it'll be much nicer when the new section is finished, definitely inviting, but with no knowledge of the virus after summer it might not even be worth it yet. Anyways, at least I still get paid.

Even so, it bothers me that I don't get much time at home as much as others are right now. It's weird to say, but as someone in the entertainment industry who sees the opportunity to entertain those who are stuck at home with despair, it really sucks. Retail/production sucks. I have/had planned on a video going over my Spotify playlist project I did for the past year and how it's opened me to releases, EPs, albums and artists I never thought of before (I was a Monstercat-only sort of EDM listener for a time), and I'm nowhere close to shooting it. I told my Twitter followers I would post a fan music video I did with a friend on a Monstercat song but it's been stuck in post-production because I don't have the program to edit it (my friend does, and the whole virus thing plus him finishing his final semester doesn't help). I even have a plethora of videos, mixes and mashups that I can do, if only I had the availability to work on them during the most desperate time for the world just to make people feel better.

Thankfully the stay-at-home order lifts in my state, but businesses will be slowly opening over the next couple months. And who knows, cases could peak again and we'd be shut down again. Either way, I just can't wait to have a long vacation from work. I've recently been working on world building for an old script involving my alias/character. Another friend wants to help make a side story based on it that could hopefully, and probably with more side stories, build up to the moment the main script reaches it's full potential in the industry. I've always had this character on my mind for almost ten years. I've acted as him, shaped him into a character I would look up to for years, and wrote, so far, 30 pages of a script about him. As many filmmakers would say, if you're itching to tell a story to the point where you think about it nonstop, it's worth telling. It just needs a lot more work and polishing to get to where I want it. Perhaps this side story thing will help give me an idea of the direction it needs to go.

Last thing, I know I've been typing so much, I'm sorry guys! Just wanted to go back to Monstercat and the direction it's going. One of the big things that peaked my interest into listening to Monstercat when I really started (around 025) was the compilation artwork story. Knowing that the mascot was pitted against a more rigid and "evil" cat just caught my attention wondering what would happen next. From there, I listened to more of the songs (previously I heard 020 and Best of 2015 and a few other songs but nothing else noteworthy) and I was pulled into the community, which meant being part of a family. Today, I truly appreciate their decision of us in this new world of Monstercat, introducing it in small pieces until we get the trailers and the new album artworks. It's intriguing and hopefully it will take us on as much of a journey as the 000-030 artworks.

I know this part is probably an old topic, but I'm still neutral on the topic on the label split to Uncaged and Instinct. Yes, it does help each imprint focus on the type of music it puts out (bangers vs beautiful works) and it helps those that focus on that specific imprint, but I have learned first-hand that it's not okay to limit yourself to one specific thing and to open up to many things, especially music. Having separate YouTube channels, in my opinion, hurts their following and the potential to have listeners stay and grow together isn't happening as much. While I don't think they should entirely rid of the imprints, they should've had them on the same channel. Just an imo paragraph.

Am I still interested in the label? Absolutely! Just because the amount of followers is changing and even reaching to other countries like China, and just because I've listened to other labels that also fit my tastes (Ophelia, Liquicity, Garuda, Anjunabeats, etc.) doesn't mean I'm stopping now. While they may be becoming more mainstream, I still believe in the future of Monstercat and it benefitting all peoples, from artists to fans. And hopefully, I'll be able to make it out to Vancouver and check out their HQ, or even better, come out to Compound or any Monstercat festival.

I guess I have a lot of hopes and dreams for a twenty-something, but when you're at this age, anything is possible. If you read this whole thing, props to you! Now leave a nice comment and go do something important like editing this Wiki XD Thanks for reading and stay strong and healthy!

The Shadow

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