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  • ShadowOfBuchko

    It's been forever since I posted a blog on here, figured now would be an excellent time to do so.

    So being an administrator has not only opened much control on the Wiki, it's also opened a lot of information and possibilities to explore. Just recently Cumulocris and I worked on the theme of the Wiki you're looking at for IV5; I specifically made the tile background and the archway banner as well as slightly adjusted the theme colors. Doing so took a lot of time, but it helped that I also worked on the April Fools theme for this year so I had experience in making the changes. I've also been editing the home page almost every day and even made some changes to what was in the Quick Access section and adjusting the right panel due to ad space. …

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  • ShadowOfBuchko

    For those asking about copyright issues/strikes, here's an overall response for ALL Monstercat releases.

    ​​Monstercat offers a $5 monthly subscription called Gold to use ALL of their releases on your YouTube/Twitch channels, get a percentage off from their shop, and many other perks. Here's a video about it:

    Is the $5 a month worth it? Here's a video that answers that too:

    Now if you do use any of their songs without connecting your channel to Monstercat Gold, the worst that Monstercat will do is claim the video. THEY WILL NEVER STRIKE YOUR CHANNEL FOR A COPYRIGHT. If you do have an issue with this, talk to the staff, they're totally open and q…

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  • ShadowOfBuchko

    Hi guys! So I didn't think that I would be doing all of this today, but I might as well explain what I did.

    After listening to Delta Heavy's new song I decided to pop by the ol' Monstercat Wiki. I've done a couple edits here and there, nothing crazy in the past. And I noticed that some things weren't updated, a page here, a page there. So I decided that I would help out and make some adjustments. One page would lead to another and another page would lead to three other issues going on, and I kept going and going.

    I finally realized that I was doing more than I probably should have, especially for a Monday (I was supposed to be doing homework tsk tsk) and lo and behold I probably edited 12 pages.

    Now for some that might not seem like much sinc…

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