• EmbryoYall

    Request for Admin Status

    February 16, 2018 by EmbryoYall

    I'm Embryo, you've probably seen me around here updating artist pages, fixing categories, adding categories, adding pages, adding images, and just overall working hard to improve the wiki (number of edits in comparison with other users, and contributions). I haven't requested adminship until now because I viewed it as a privilege that I had not yet earned. However, in light of editors being promoted to admin status in the past few months, as well as the resignation/inactivity of admins and users over the past two years, and after I've had about a year of experience editing the wiki, I believe that I'm now ready to bear the responsibility of being an admin.

    Also, February 18 will be the one-year anniversary of my joining the wiki, so if one …

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  • EmbryoYall

    Label categories

    February 14, 2018 by EmbryoYall

    I'm making categories for any labels that have had 5 or more Monstercat artists. Any less than five, and there will be too many labels to deal with. The purpose of this project to give a hint on this wiki of the other labels that certain Monstercat artists release with.

    Labels (and their founders):

    • Bitbird (San Holo)
    • Disciple (Dodge & Fuski & Astronaut)
    • Sola (MYRNE, Enschway, & Awoltalk)
    • Liquicity (Maduk & Maris Goudzwaard)
    • Riotville (Snavs)
    • Rottun Recordings (Excision)
    • NEST HQ & OWSLA (Skrillex)
    • Barong Family (Yellow Claw)
    • Good Enuff & Mad Decent (Diplo)
    • mau5trap (deadmau5)
    • Ninety9Lives (Approaching Nirvana)
    • Never Say Die (SKisM)
    • Moving Castle (Robokid, Hunt for the Breeze, AO Beats, & Manila Killa)
    • Trekkie Trax (DJ Bank, Andrew, Carpainter/Taimei, fut…
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  • EmbryoYall

    Test post 2

    February 12, 2018 by EmbryoYall
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  • EmbryoYall

    Test post

    February 12, 2018 by EmbryoYall
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  • EmbryoYall

    Should the articles for vocalists be put into categories corresponding to the genres of songs they contribute to?

    For example, Anna Yvette was featured on Neon Rainbow, a D&B track, so should her page then be categorized under "Drum & Bass Artists"?

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