• 99e99

    Request for Administrator status

    September 23, 2017 by 99e99

    Hello, I'm 99e99. You might know me. I'm editing pages on this wiki since start of this year and I'm trying to do this every day. I created a lots of pages about new songs, uploaded artworks and trying to be active in community (last months I do not so much, but anyway). And now I'm requesting for the administrator status (or another important status). I see that current admins aren't so active and  I think that my help could be useful (for example: this ). If there is anyone who can give me this status, please answer this post.

    Yours truly, 99e99

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  • 99e99

    I think this page becomes too heavy. Maybe we should divide it. I offer to divide it on 6 pages:

    • Monstercat: Uncataloged Releases (Pre-Catalog Singles + Uncataloged Free Releases)
    • Monstercat: Singles (MCS001 - MCS500)
    • Monstercat: Singles (MCS501 - MCS1000) (+ 1001 - 1500 in future)
    • Monstercat: Free Releases (MCF003 - MCF500)
    • Monstercat: Extended Plays (MCEP001 - MCEP500)
    • Monstercat: Long Plays
    • Monstercat: Compilations (all compilations)

    After that delete this page. (Users who can do it, please answer here)

    If no one is against it, I start do it a week later (or not).

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