aka Catalin

  • I live in Timisoara,Romania
  • I was born on November 29
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

I started the work on Wikia in 2018, being one of the representatives of this Wikia. I also was selected as Administrator in June and I began to realize that I have a great responsibility here. In 2019, i was promoted as "Head Administrator",then to bureaucrat and demoted after a bad joke on 1 april, and after a month I was promoted again to Administrator,bureaucrat being deleted after some security decisions.

My main goal is to make sure this wikia is a safe and useful place for everyone, but also to have high accuracy on the information side. I am also appreciated for the design work (s / o to Robiti). The mainpage has been rebuilt from 0, as well as the background, colors and other things.

In early 2018, i began socializing with many Monstercat artists and taking two interviews in the name of Wikia so far (Slyleaf and FWLR). I also like to talk with Monstercat fans, but also with artists, and i like to know everything about their live and to know how artist role works.

I have also worked and continue to be part of a SA-MP community Staff server (from here becoming my passion for administration)

I will always apologize for my bad english, because i don't want people starting judge me for that.

Fav. Monstercat Artists:


Slyleaf -


☻ To start beign part of the official Monstercat Moderation group (Steam group/Discord)

☻ To sumbit a mix to COTW master and also to host one episode or to sumbit a roll call

☻ To win a fking t-shirt giveaway and flex with it to all of my friends

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