ShadowOfBuchko aka The Shadow is currently the Monstercat Wiki Bureaucrat and social manager. He is also a YouTube creator, filmmaker, mix/mashup producer, and manages playlists on Spotify and videos for the festival Celestial Sphere. He has been a Monstercat fan since 2015.

History[edit | edit source]

In August 2010, The Shadow started making videos on a YouTube channel based on a character named Detective Shadow. The character solved mysteries in a brain teaser game called MindTrap. This is where The Shadow was first inspired to take the name. However, he did not add "The" until 2019 to separate himself from "other Shadows" and to reference the pulp novel character The Shadow.

After scrapping the MindTrap videos in early 2011 (for casting and technological reasons), he started a new channel named ShadowOfBuchko, with intentions of using it for music and gaming. In February 2013, he released a fan-made music video of rapper Destorm Powers' "King Kong" with footage from the 2003 King Kong film. The video gained popularity over the years and inspired him to do more music and film videos on the channel.

The Shadow has created YouTube videos of all kinds: short films, mixes and mashups, and even a Rocket League tournament. For the past few years, he has focused on posting mixes and mashups.

In 2014, The Shadow became aware of Monstercat through a couple friends and YouTubers. He eventually became a fan in late-2015 because he enjoyed the music, the compilation artworks, the podcasts and most importantly, the connectedness of the label's community. He started creating mixes and mashups using their music and posted three entry mixes for the Mix Contest (2016, 2018 & 2019).

In March 2017, The Shadow created his account on the Monstercat Wikia and fully started editing in February 2018. He took a hiatus afterward due to finishing college, and by late 2018 he got back into editing the Wiki. In October 2019, The Shadow was promoted to Administrator. In October 2020, he was promoted to Bureaucrat when HopefulAlejandro stepped down from the role to Administrator. The Shadow is currently updating the home page, the Podcast section, the Wiki Twitter and many other pages. His goal is to add, fix, and promote as much of the Monstercat Wiki as possible as well as make it easy for fans to learn more about the label.

The Shadow is also the video manager of the online music festival Celestial Sphere, creating their teaser videos since 2019. As a fun fact, his voice is used in the videos and the 2020 intro for the festival. In 2020, he was one of the mixers for the event. His set included synthwave and synthstep releases, dubstep mashups and a drum & bass mashup.

The Shadow has created at least fifty Spotify playlists, most of them based on Monstercat music. In 2019 and 2020, he created a radar playlist called The Shadow Selects, made to open the range of labels and songs The Shadow listened to. It was updated weekly for a few months before turning into monthly updates and was last updated in May 2020. His recent playlist created, Proton: The World of Shadow, includes two hours of Monstercat music based on The Shadow and an upcoming story around the character.

The Shadow has been slowly working on ranking all Monstercat songs, starting with all compilation albums with the help of Keenan Lott AKA KLW during 2019. He plans to rank non-album songs starting next year.

The Shadow has intentions of creating and releasing more videos, including short films through Underpass Productions, a video on The Shadow Selects, and the annual Monstercat Halloween and Best of Monstercat Awards mixes. He also plans to continue the story of The Shadow, and hopes to see where his alias will take him in the future.

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