aka The Shadow

  • I live in Pittsburgh, PA
  • I was born on February 7
  • My occupation is Content Creator
  • I am Male

ShadowOfBuchko AKA The Shadow, is a YouTube creator and has been a Monstercat fan since 2015.

He created his account on the Monstercat Wikia on March 2017 and started his work in 2018 (his first blog explains his first interactions). He took a hiatus from editing due to finishing college, and by late 2018 he started editing more pages. In October 2019, The Shadow was promoted to "Administrator" and is currently updating the home page, Upcoming Releases, the Podcast section and the Wiki Twitter. His goal is to add, fix, and correct as much of the Monstercat Wiki as possible and to make it easy for fans to learn more about their favorite label.

Outside of the Wikia, The Shadow creates videos of all kinds on YouTube, from short films to mixes and mashups to a Rocket League tournament. He started making videos on a separate channel in 2010 based on a character named Detective Shadow from a brain puzzle game called MindTrap. This is where he was first inspired to take the name The Shadow. After scrapping the MindTrap project a year later, he started a new channel ShadowOfBuchko, with intentions of using it for music. He released a fan video edit of Destorm Powers' "King Kong" using footage from the 2003 film with the same title. This gained popularity over the years and inspired him to do more music and film videos on the channel. For the past few years, he has made mixes and mashups with Monstercat music.

The Shadow has been working on ranking all Monstercat songs starting with all compilation albums with Keenan Lott AKA KLW during 2019. He plans to post ranking videos starting this year.

The Shadow has intentions of creating more videos, including a Muzzy "Horsepower" fan video and a video on his Spotify project, The Shadow Selects. He also hopes to eventually make music himself in the future.

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