Hi I'm Ash aka Dragon and I am a 19 year old Music Promoter and Producer who operates out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States. I run a YouTube channel that goes under the name of Dragon. I mainly promote Doujin Music as well as Trance, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Progressive, Techno and House from all around the world. 

Favorite Monstercat Artists Edit

Favorite Off Label Artists Edit

  • Nhato
  • Taishi
  • Shingo Nakamura
  • Hiroyuki ODA
  • USAO
  • BlackY
  • Yooh
  • Camellia
  • Laur
  • Massive New Krew
  • かねこちはる
  • t+pazolite
  • Dropgun
  • Tim Schaufert
  • Phelian
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