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Confirmed Releases

This table includes upcoming releases that have been confirmed to be releasing on Monstercat, either by the artists themselves, through Monstercat's social media, or through another reputable source (such as a news article). Note to editors: DO NOT use pre-save links as a reputable source; use a social media link from Monstercat or the artist connected to the pre-save link instead. Pre-save links from artist bios on social media are acceptable.

Type of Release Name Artist(s) Date Releasing Source
Extended Play (S) Bloom EP rshand July 23, 2024 Confirmed on Instagram Story (May 16, 2024)
Single (U) Street Talk Control Freak & beastboi. July 24, 2024 Confirmed on Instagram (Jul. 22, 2024)
Single (I) Love You For The Summer Nicky Romero, Öwnboss & Oaks July 25, 2024 Confirmed on Instagram Story (Jul. 5, 2024)
Single (U) Ghost in the Shadows ROY KNOX & Derpcat July 29, 2024 Confirmed on Discord (Jul. 17, 2024)
Extended Play (U) Feral EP Riot Ten August 2, 2024 Confirmed on X (Apr. 23, 2024)
Single (U) I AM A GOD WHIPPED CREAM & Nostalgix August 21, 2024 Confirmed on 1001Tracklists DJ Mix (Jul. 19, 2024)
Single (I) Solar Eclipses VIP Hollywood Principle & Dr. Awkward Upcoming Confirmed on COTW508 (June 5, 2024)
Single (I) Never Fall SABAI, BOTCASH & Casey Cook Upcoming Confirmed on Instagram Story (Jan. 24, 2024)
Single (I) ID Conro & Zack Martino Upcoming Confirmed on Instagram Story (Jul. 21, 2024)
Single (U) ID Bensley & Voicians Upcoming Confirmed on Monstercat Listening Session (Mar. 1, 2024)
Single (U) ID Infected Mushroom Upcoming Confirmed on Instagram (Feb. 9, 2024)
Single (U) Go Stupid Whales, Soltan & Nat James Upcoming Confirmed on Rampage Open Air (Jul. 7, 2024) and Instagram (Jul. 8, 2024)
Single ID Leah Culver Upcoming Confirmed on Edmtrain (Jan. 23, 2024)
Remix DIVA (SØL Remix) Bishu / SØL Upcoming Confirmed on LabelRadar (May 24, 2024)
Extended Play (S) ID ORACLE Upcoming Confirmed on Instagram Story (Dec. 4, 2023)

Tentative/Speculated Releases

This table includes upcoming releases that have been hinted for a Monstercat release and may be released on the label, but have not been 100% confirmed. As these releases are purely speculative, take them with a grain of salt. Releases confirmed for the label that haven't received updates in over a year are also moved to here.

Type of Release Name Artist(s) Date Releasing Source
Single ID Virtual Riot Upcoming Hinted on Instagram (Jul. 18, 2024)
Single Save You VIP SABAI & Kermode Upcoming Hinted on Instagram Story (Jan. 9, 2024)
Long Play ID Shingo Nakamura Fall/Winter 2024 Hinted on Bowtied Media Interview (Jul. 17, 2024)