Trap is a rather balanced genre when it comes to the amount of releases. Trap originated from Hip Hop in the 1990s in the Southern US. The first ever released Trap track on Monstercat was Stephen Walking's song Move released on August 27th, 2012.

A fairly new subgenre to Trap is known as "Carnival". Carnival is described as 4-on-the-floor Trap, and is sometimes accompanied by a Triplet backing. Carnival usually never stands alone in a song, it is typically accompanied by Hybrid Trap or Brostep.

Another new subgenre is Hard Trap, which was originated by people like HEKLER, TYNAN, G-REX, Gladez, Krischvn, NXSTY, and others. It is reminiscent of dubstep and can be identified by equally aggressive basses with a more trap-like sound, which are commonly almost at lead synth frequencies.

Trivia Edit

  • Claptrap is known for originally being released as Dubstep, but then changed to Trap when the genre color came in to place on October 6th 2014.
  • Trap was previously marked as a silver color (Electronic genre color) but was then changed to dark red ever since Aero Chord's song Boundless was released.
  • Trap looks to be a sister genre to Future Bass, listening to the drops and trap drops both these genres are being used. However, Future Bass is a more happy trap genre using happier synths and leads.
  • Noisestorm has made 2 trap songs, Heist & Antihero, which surprisingly gained a lot of views and likings from the community because of how Noisestorm now makes Trap. Heist, however, sounds a little more Drumstep in the first drop rather than a Trap drop, but some trap songs have this type of drop in it, so it can be considered Trap.
  • Trap is one of the most popular EDM genres as of October 2017, and is growing even more in the future.
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