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Trap is a genre of Bass music originally derived from the Hip-Hop genre of the same name. It often features, as its main characteristics, syncopated beats, fast hi-hat rhythms, prominent 808 basslines and a tempo of 140-160 BPM in halftime (with a smaller number of songs also using a standard back beat at slower tempos). The first ever released Trap track on Monstercat was The BASSEX by Arion, on September 20, 2011.

The color associated with the genre before genre colors were phased out was: Maroon (Hex: #8C0F27) (RGB: 140, 15, 39)

Commonly Referenced Subgenres:[]

  • Festival Trap: A heavy and minimalistic subgenre of Trap driven by an emphasis on a strong 808 sub-bass, having less energy concentrated on lead melodies and mid-basses. Most older Electronic Trap songs followed this formula, when the subgenre was still in its early years.
  • Hybrid Trap: A more recent subgenre of Trap closely related to Dubstep. It features aggressive mid-bass sounds that drive the song in an energetic manner, while still maintaing syncopated drums and powerful, distorted 808 subs, differentiating it from the Brostep formula. It used to also be known by the name 'Trapstep'.
  • Future Trap: A fusion between Future Bass and Trap that does not fully commit to the formula and aesthetic of either genre.
  • Hard Trap: Pioneered by the producer SAYMYNAME, this subgenre incorporates percussion and synths commonly used in Hardcore and Hardstyle into a Trap arrangement
  • Carnival (Trap): A designation for Trap songs which feature a four-on-the-floor drum beat. It most commonly appears as a small section during a Hybrid Trap drop, not being a real genre per se, but rather as a tool used to qualify certain songs with this characteristic.
  • Chill Trap: Chillout styled Trap music with softer synths. It meant to be more atmospheric, melodic and less abrasive than other bass-oriented subgenres. In many regards, it is similar to Future Bass
  • Arabian Trap: Trap influenced by middle eastern instrumentation and melodic patterns.
  • Oriental Trap: Trap influenced by east asian instrumentation, such as the Pipa & certain types of bells.
  • Heaven Trap: A melodic subgenre of Trap created by SLANDER, which also sounds similar to Future Bass. It is meant to be reminiscent of mainstage Progressive House, using its characteristic synths over Trap drums and tempo.


  • Claptrap is known for originally being released as Dubstep but then changed to Trap when the genre color came in to place on October 6, 2014.
  • Trap was previously marked as a silver color (Electronic genre color) but was then changed to maroon ever since Aero Chord's song Boundless was released.
  • Trap is closely related to Future Bass. While the latter has a more harmonic and uplifting sound design, both genres share a lot of similarities, influencing each other in their development.
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