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Trance is a genre that started out with the purpose of creating a true entrancement in people. Trance is a rather diverse genre, with extremely descriptive subgenres that define the rules of Trance. Labels like A State Of Trance, Armada, Statement!, Flashover, Armind, & Anjunabeats are prominent in the trance scene.

The BPM range of Trance can be anywhere from 115 BPM to 155 BPM, which is made possible by its many subgenres, the most common of which are listed and explained below. For information on the popular genre, Psytrance, see the Psytrance page.

Trance is one of the least released genres on Monstercat, along with Hardcore & Trap. The first released Trance track was Eminence's Tanpopo, released on September 1st 2011. Trance is noted for only having 2 main artists, along with one release from Monstercat favorite, Ephixa. As of recent, however, artists known for other genres have began to experiment with trance. Trance returned as Stonebank & EMEL released an Uplifting Trance single for Monstercat's 5 Year Anniversary album.

In 2017, Saving Light, by Gareth Emery & STANDERWICK & featuring the vocals of HALIENE, was released. It was part of a collab with Ditch The Label, which it and the music video was focusing on how bullying can be stopped. It reached #1 on the Beatport charts soon after release.

In 2020, Anjunabeats regular ilan Bluestone did the unthinkable and launched his Stoneblue project with Monstercat. His track Hypnotized with Emma Hewitt released on February 27, 2020.

The color associated with the genre before genre colors were phased out was: Blue (Hex: #007EE7) (RGB: 0, 126, 231)


Trance began in the late 1980s in the United Kingdom and gained popularity in the 1990s as it spread throughout other parts of the rave scene.

Trance Subgenres[]

  • Acid Trance: A style of Trance that is produced with a Roland TB-303 by playing a sequenced melody while altering the instrument's filter cutoff frequency, resonance, envelope modulation, and accent controls. The frequency of which it is produced fell off for awhile, but has seen a resurgence by many Trance producers, most notably Indecent Noise & Lostly.

    Raw Tech Audio 'Places'. Raw Tech Audio - Places


    Lost In Noise - 303 Stalowa Street -MA104- OUT NOW!

  • Classic Trance: The origins of the genre, sounding similar to Uplifting Trance but with a slightly less forceful kick. Most songs that have been labelled as Classic Trance have become known as Anthems over the last decade.



    System F - Out Of The Blue (Original Extended)

  • Neotrance: A recent revival of Classic Trance that focuses more on bass development, creating very eerie or highly upbeat tracks, pioneered and made famous by Virtual Self.

    Virtual Self - Ghost Voices -Audio-


    Lumïsade - Let You Go


    ShockOne - Silver & Gold. Reija Lee) -Monstercat LP Release-

  • Uplifting Trance: One of the most common forms of modern Trance, typically produced with layered & muffled kicks that blend with upbeat melodies, which give the subgenre its name and flare.

    Aly & Fila - The Walk


    Dogzilla - Without You (Will Atkinson Remix) --ASOT830-


    Ilan Bluestone pres. StoneBlue feat. Emma Hewitt - Hypnotized (Extended Mix)

    • Pure Trance: Trance that resulted as a movement created by Solarstone; The Pure Trance Movement is a movement started in 2011 dedicated to making Uplifting & Tech Trance that derives influences from Classic Trance.

      Factor B & Lostly - Strandloper


      Matter - The Bends

  • Tech Trance: A form of Trance with heavy influence from the Techno scene, and is found in both progressive and up-tempo Trance. It typically uses heavily reverb-driven Techno kicks, complex basslines, and sometimes electro-tinged influences.

    Armin van Buuren vs Inner City - It Could Be (Genix Remix)


    Matt Fax - Collide


    Armin van Buuren feat. Sam Martin - Miles Away (Artento Divini & Davey Asprey Remix)


    Maarten de Jong & Allen Watts – Caffeine --ASOT917-

  • Melbourne Trance: A form of Trance originating from Melbourne, Australia. It is a hybrid between Melbourne Bounce & Trance. It includes all elements from Melbourne Bounce but makes use of progressions and melodies similar to Trance.

    Zac Waters - A Lot Like You


    Darude & Zac Waters - Singularity Ft Enya Angel

  • Hard Trance: A form of Trance that used to be known as its counterpart, Hardstyle (in its early forms), which has evolved into something new. It makes heavy uses of the one-note bass structure and derives heavy influences from the early sounds of Gabber. It is not produced as much in today's climates, but it can be found on labels such as Sneijder's Afterdark on occasion.

    Killer Instinct (Original Mix)


    W&W x Armin van Buuren - Ready To Rave

  • Hands-Up: A faster form of Trance that is made for the club and festival scenes. It can be described as a faster form of Uplifting Trance.

    Dion Timmer - Shiawase


    Pegboard Nerds - OSCar

  • Vocal Trance: A subgenre of Trance that focuses on vocals with highly melodic production and sound design. The BPM of Vocal Trance typically does not matter, as the vocals are the main focus of every track, so the production of this genre can either be a less harsh form of Uplifting or Progressive.

    Gareth Emery & STANDERWICK feat. HALIENE - Saving Light (Intro Mix)


    HØLY WATERS - Little White Lies (Ciaran McAuley Remix)

Progressive Subgenres[]

  • Big Room Trance: Big Room Trance is a form of Progressive Trance that makes use of Big Room melodies, but typically is more fleshed out and distinguishable than where it came from. It can be distinguished by its trance-influenced melodies and Big Room influenced sound design.

    Armin van Buuren & Luke Bond feat. KARRA - Revolution


    Andrew Rayel & HALIENE - In The Dark


    Armin van Buuren feat. Candace Sosa - Runaway (Fisherman Remix)

  • Electro Trance: A side of Progressive Trance that typically does not include euphoric choruses and melodies. It emphasizes the bass throughout the complete track, as well as replaces the uplifting sound design of Progressive Trance with a bassline-driven melody.

    Maor Levi & OTIOT - Bandana --ASOT889-


    HALIENE - Dream in Color (Ruben de Ronde Remix)


    Armin van Buuren feat. Ne-Yo - Unlove You (Myon Return To 95 Mix)

  • Minimal: A side to Progressive Trance that is similar to the minimal side of Progressive House, but with Trancier structures and melodies. It progresses slowly over time, and typically stretches to lengths of eight to ten minutes. Often mistaken for Melodic Techno.

    David Forbes pres. Hal Stucker - Disillusioned (Matter Remix)


    Gardenstate - Charon (Extended Mix)


    Chris Giuliano - Dream You (Club Mix)

  • Progressive Trance: A form of trance that focuses on bass-driven intros and fleshed-out progression over extended periods of time. Prog. Trance songs typically have Electro-influenced introductions and euphoric, melodic choruses.

    Lifting You Higher (ASOT 900 Anthem) (Maor Levi Remix)


    Assaf & Cassandra Grey - All Of You


    Ilan Bluestone & Andrew Bayer - Black & Blue

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