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    I'm an admin over at the EDM Wiki , and was wondering if we could possibly partner up!  I was thinking something as simple as me saying on the Monstercat page : "If you want to know more details about Monstercat, visit my partner's Monstercat wiki ! <link to your wiki" and "If you want to know more details about each musician from Monstercat, visit my Partner's Wiki <link to my wiki>"

    Have a great day!

    SUPERCEREAL (talk) 02:30, January 19, 2017 (UTC)

    (I feel like we've had some kind of conversation like this before...  idk my memory is absolute garbage)

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      Yeah, that would be completely okay. :) Not sure what else there is to say besides that, but if there is, let me know.

      (And I don't believe we've had such a conversation until now, though I have contributed to your EDM wiki before. :P)

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