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    This is a discussion thread for any and all February 2016 Monstercat releases (songs, extended plays, long plays/albums, etc.). Feel free to state your honest opinions about them, but do be open-minded! Not everyone will have the same opinions about the releases.


    • Be respectful at all times.
    • We will allow other-language opinions, though keep your posts in English if possible.
    • The only swears allowed in any post are "hell" and "damn", and they can only be used for emphasis (e.g. "I love this EP so damn much!"). Do not direct them at another user or you will face consequences (likely a warning, maybe a block).
    • Stay on-topic. Do not use this thread for spam, dealing with personal matters with other Wikians, etc.
    • Lastly, enjoy yourself! Don't take anything personally; after all, they're just opinions.

    Known February 2016 releases

    (If any have been left out, notify an administrator so they can add them to this list.)




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    • Since I can't spew out all of my endless opinions on every song, I'll just put here that "Deeper Love"'s remix is absolutely amazing. The original was good overall as well, but there was a tinny, unreal feel to it that I really think the remix captured. :p

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    • I can't wait to see what Haywyre and Karma Fields have in store on their long plays. :D

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    • Do You Don't You: fairly nice, around the middle as far as good-ness, I guess.  IDK

      Deeper Love: I love it.  Well, it doesn't make it onto my favorites, but it's great.

      Malicious: My favorite outta all of these, it's got great tempo, and it's good overall.  Made it onto my favorites :D

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    • Fell Down is easily my favorite Tut Tut Child track now. (Although it faces tough competion from Drink Up).  Can't wait to see what else is in Come To The End; Then Stop!

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    • Fell Down is a nice song, I like it.   I feel like there's something to add here XD.

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    • Snavs - Into The Wild (feat. Sebastian Lind): At first, I thought this didn't have a lot impact on me until it grew on me after a few listens but I mostly enjoyed his remix with Toby Green on Here It Comes.

      Karma Fields - Greatness (feat. Talib Kweli) - Not a lot of people enjoyed it but I personally enjoyed it as it was really diverse to see on the Monstercat catalog and amazing vocals from Talib. Probably my favorite track from Karma Fields so far, but there is definitely more tracks coming soon from the New Age / Dark Age LP which I'm hyped about listening to.

      Hellberg - Synchronize (feat. Aaron Richards) - After viewing this track on Spotify and podcasts many times, Hellberg's style of house never gets old and I'm curious to see if he'll continue this or change it up a bit. Either way, awesome track by Hellberg.

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