• Just wanted to let you know that we're only including EP or LP singles on the Monstercat Discography that have their own pages on the monstercat website, so Feels Like and Home from the Elements EP wouldn't count.

    This is the second time I've received complaints about your edits, so if it happens again, there'll be consequences.

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    • Yeah but their catalog number is the same as all the other ones, if we don’t put it there, where else will we put it?

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    • We won't put songs on the discography page unless they have their own page on the monstercat website, every song already has its own page on the wiki, and the EPs and LPs have tracklists that refer to them. The discography page needs to be cleaned up anyway, so we might do some major cleanup there soon dividing up the sections into separate pages, since it has way too much content right now.

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    • I think we should just removed the whole page it’s just a bunch of info

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    • But that's what the wiki is, just a bunch of info

      If what you mean is it's a bunch of info that exists on other pages, yeah I agree. But the thing is, it makes it a lot more convenient to view the history of Monstercat releases all in one place.

      The issue is there's just way too much, so we might have to split the different sections into different articles. Shouldn't be too hard of a thing to manage, hopefully

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