• Hi KCC, I'm Embryo. You've probably seen me around here updating artist pages, fixing categories, adding categories, pages, images, and just overall working hard to improve the wiki (number of edits in comparison with other users, and contributions). I haven't requested adminship until now because I viewed it as a privilege that I had not yet earned. However, in light of editors being promoted to admin status in the past few months, as well as the resignation/inactivity of admins and users over the past two years, and after I've had a year of experience editing the wiki, I believe that I'm now ready to bear the responsibility of being an admin.

    Also, today February 18 is the one-year anniversary of my joining the wiki, so if you decide to promote me to admin, I request that it be done today if possible. It would be a much appreciated gesture.


    P.S. This isn't related to Arion at all, by the way, so please don't interpret this as a request to replace him as bureaucrat. I think he's a good choice for that position, as long as he's able to handle the responsibility.

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    • I cannot promote you to admin (only bureaucrats can), but I agree that you deserve a chance at adminship. :) Message Arion about it so he can promote you.

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    • Okay, thanks for clarifying! I have done as you suggested and messaged him about it.

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