The Headbangers' Ball is an upcoming EP by Slander, announced September 13, 2018, along with the first single: You Don't Even Know Me (with RIOT).

Genre (s)(‡):
Vocalist (s) / Remixer (s):
1 You Don't Even Know Me3:46Melodic Dubstep / Brostep / Future Basswith RIOT
2 Running To You5:00Brostepwith Spag Heddy & feat. Elle Vee
3 Hate Being Alone 3:56Brostep / Future Bassfeat. Dylan Matthew

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Genre is subjective. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Trivia Edit

  • All of the songs on the EP appear on the Uncaged Vol. 6 album.
  • All the artwork (EP and off single) is made by Roboto [@I_am_the_roboto].
[ vte ] SLANDER (Discography)
June 23, 2017 Superhuman
September 29, 2017 Without You
October 27, 2017 Holy
March 2, 2018 Happy Now
June 1, 2018 Slow Motion
June 29, 2018 So Long
August 9, 2018 Kneel Before Me
September 20, 2018 You Don't Even Know Me
November 15, 2018 Running To You
November 29, 2018 Hate Being Alone
May 31, 2019 Potions
Extended Plays
October 27, 2017 Dilapidation Celebration EP
November 29, 2018 The Headbangers' Ball EP
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