"Shrooms" is a trap song by Dutch producer/DJ Sander van Djick, better known as San Holo. It is an almost 4½-minute cut composed in the 3/4 time signature.

Trivia Edit

  • An earlier version of this song was released on San Holo's 2013 EP Demons.[1]

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[ vte ] Victory EP (San Holo)
Hold FastShroomsVictory
[ vte ] San Holo (Discography)
May 4, 2015 Victory
May 25, 2015 Hold FastShrooms
February 29, 2016 New Sky
March 11, 2016 They Just Haven't Seen It
October 10, 2016 OK!
Extended Plays
May 25, 2015 Victory EP
November 17, 2015 Victory (The Remixes)
March 11, 2016 New Sky EP

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