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Sailor's Cry (Cressida Remix) is a remix by Cressida of the song Sailor's Cry by A.M.R. It was released on October 23, 2020 under the Silk brand and is featured on Deep House Essentials 2021.

[ vte ] A.M.R (Discography)
March 29, 2019 Come Alive
September 27, 2019 Lost Boy
Extended Plays
March 19, 2018 Orchids EP
November 16, 2018 Silver Lining EP
June 14, 2019 Pale Blue EP
May 1, 2020 Voyager / Flight (Remixes)
Long Plays
August 21, 2020 A Place For Everything
Remixed Songs
May 1, 2020 Voyager (Sound Quelle Remix)Flight (Alex Pich Remix)
October 23, 2020 Sailor's Cry (Cressida Remix)
November 6, 2020 Pale Blue (Andromedha Remix)Sleep (Terry Da Libra Remix)Pale Blue (Andromedha Extended Remix)
[ vte ] Cressida (Discography)
October 23, 2020 Sailor's Cry
Extended Plays
July 14, 2021 Beacon EP
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2020 (INTRO)7.6.14
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1000 Cuts4U (Julius Dreisig Remix)
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