"Ruimtevaart EP"
Hush - Ruimtevaart EP
Extended Play by Hush
Released December 9, 2016
Length 15:23
Catalog Number MCEP108
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Ruimtevaart EP is the second extended play released by Dutch electronic producer Hush on the Monstercat record label. In the EP, Hush continues working with Dutch names for his song titles, as well as creating a smooth fusion of future bass and trap.

Track listing Edit

No. Track Length Genre Notes
1 Eenhoorn5:16Future Bass
2 Ruimtevaart3:15Trap
3 Veterstift3:12Trap
4 Pilvorm3:40Future Bass

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Trivia Edit

  • For an unknown reason, the name "Ruimtevaart EP" is not featured inside the album art. However, the catalog number is visible.
  • Ruimtevaart is the Dutch word for "space trip".
  • All of the song names on this EP are in Dutch.
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