Play Me Like A Violin is the debut single released by American producer, Stephen on Monstercat Instinct.

"Play Me Like A Violin"
Stephen - Play Me Like a Violin
Song by Stephen
From Monstercat Instinct Vol. 1
Brand: Instinct
Released February 9, 2018
Genre Released As Electronic
Community Genre(s)
Community Subgenre(s) Alternative RnB
Length 3:52
Catalog Number MCS649
BPM 160
Key B Minor
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Trivia Edit

  • This song is also released alongside with 'Stay (feat. Lindsey Cook)' on the same day, but this song is the one that released on Monstercat Instinct Youtube channel
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February 8, 2018 Stay
February 9, 2018 Play Me Like A Violin
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