Ryan Petrie
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General information
Date of Birth September 26, 1992
Occupation(s) Illustrator/Graphic Designer
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Petirep is the alias of Ryan Petrie, an Internet artist who is best known for his art for Monstercat, specifically the album covers for Monstercat's compilation albums up to Monstercat 030 - Finale. His art is posted on his DeviantART as well as his Tumblr page, and he also makes album covers and art for other EDM District promoters; most frequently Funky Panda.


  • Petirep started working freelance for Monstercat in 2012 when he made a promotional piece for 008's release . Starting with 009, he has done the art for every Monstercat Compilation Album. 
  • In 2014, Petirep updated his old album covers for 009 and 010 as well as making new original covers for 001 - 008
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