Perspectives EP is the debut and so far only Monstercat extended play for UK artist Draper.


No Track Length Genre Vocalist
1 Coloured Glass 5:23 Progressive House Kate Walsh (uncredited)
2 New Rules 4:04 Glitch Hop
3 Joyride 3:47 Liquid Drum & Bass
4 With You 4:06 Tropical House Alby Hobbs


  • The tracks Coloured Glass and With You are included on Monstercat 019 - Endeavour.
  • The cover art represents to Inkblot Rorschach picture test, which is the meaning behind this EP name, it represents that everyone sees what they want to see or feel what they want to feel.
[ vte ] Draper (Discography)
December 26, 2012 Night Rider
June 17, 2013 Men & Machines
September 5, 2014 Coloured Glass
September 12, 2014 JoyrideNew RulesWith You
October 27, 2014 Ghost Town
January 14, 2015 Pressure
April 10, 2015 Inertia
July 29, 2015 On You
August 10, 2015 Chrysalis
January 11, 2016 All I See
June 29, 2016 Ready For Us
Extended Plays
September 12, 2014 Perspectives EP
Mixes, Reworks, VIPs, & Other
December 11, 2013 Men & Machines (Redemption)
[ vte ] Extended Plays
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