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Open Spaces VIP is a VIP mix of the song Open Spaces by Just A Gent and Nevve, released on July 4, 2024 under the Instinct brand and featured on Rocket League x Monstercat.

[ vte ] Just A Gent (Discography)
July 23, 2019 Time Voyage
August 16, 2019 Open Spaces
December 3, 2019 Iris In The DarkURCAWings
August 21, 2020 Revival
November 23, 2023 Pondering Minds
VIPs, Mixes, & Other
July 4, 2024 Open Spaces VIP
Extended Plays
December 3, 2019 URCA EP
[ vte ] Nevve (Discography)
May 22, 2020 Way Up
October 22, 2021 Falling For You
November 4, 2022 Endless (Best of Me)
January 10, 2023 Back To Me
June 15, 2023 Rush
June 15, 2017 JUMP
February 15, 2018 We Would Never Do
February 27, 2018 Shadows
March 13, 2018 Another Night
October 8, 2018 The Edge
April 15, 2019 Take Me Home
August 16, 2019 Open Spaces
VIPs, Mixes, & Other
March 27, 2018 We Would Never Do (Live Session)
July 4, 2024 Open Spaces VIP
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