One-Sided Love (Not Now Please's Side Two Remix) is Not Now Please's remix of Claes Rosen's original song, One-Sided Love. It was released on April 14, 2021 as a part of One-Sided Love (Remixes).

[ vte ] Claes Rosen (Discography)
December 27, 2019 DiverseOne-Sided LoveStrollingTold You
Extended Plays
December 27, 2019 Diverse EP
December 27, 2019 One-Sided Love (Remixes)
Remixed Songs
April 14, 2021 One-Sided Love (Not Now Please's Side Two Remix)One-Sided Love (Not Now Please's Extended Side Two Remix)
[ vte ] Not Now Please (Discography)
April 14, 2021 One-Sided Love
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OKAYOld Skool (Different Heaven Remix)The OneThe One (Asdek Remix)One-Sided Love (Not Now Please's Side Two Remix)One-Sided Love (Not Now Please's Extended Side Two Remix)The Only RoadOne Step ForwardOnly YouOpen SpacesOpen Your EyesOut On A LimbOuterspaceOutta My MindOver The Edge
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