Trivia Edit

  • The cover art references the game Fortnite: Battle Royale.
  • The female character's design seems to be inspired by the Power Chord skin from Fortnite, while the male character's design is based off of Gammer's real life look.
[ vte ] Tony Romera (Discography)
April 3, 2019 Needed U
[ vte ] Alphabetical List of Electro Songs (Genre)
Far AwayFeroniaFinal BossFinallyThe FireFixed_FlamewarFLYThe FollowerFor MeFor YouFreeFTWFugitive
NativeNeed YouNeeded U (Tony Romera Remix)NerveNew GameNew StyleNext Big ThingNovaNo Holding On
[ vte ] Remixes
Instructions To find a remix, find the artist's name under the alphabetized list. All of the artist's remixes are listed with their name. For example, Morgan Pages's remix of 'Downhearted' would be under the 'M' tab, since the artist's name begins with the letter 'M'.