This page was created to setup custom versions of the Wiki. Also, every mainpage update, templates and other major changes will be written here
! The current version starts from y.x.x' [y - new theme], [x - big update], [x' - small update]. For every big update we've create a new heading

Also, this version will start from 1 from the moment this page is written, because we haven't set a version of this wiki.


- The redirection problem on 'Quick Access' have been successfully fixed.
- The Wikia theme has been changed to the actual Monstercat album theme.
- The "Read >>" button from the { {About Monstercat }} template has been changed to 'Read More'
- The color of the mainpage, at the changing the theme, was a wrong white hex color. Now it has been changed to a pure white to match the design with the other templates
- Some artists pfp has been updated
- Added Roles system (A system in which we can customize any role for any profile. For the time being we have applied this only for the official artists that has created an account here).
- Wikia current version text on the mainpage
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