Users are free to edit their user pages at any time, though there is a set of rules that must be followed when doing so.


While there is no specific limit on how many personal (non-article) images can be uploaded, users should maintain common sense (i.e. not upload 20 images for user page use in a matter of hours) when adding them to the wiki.

The image(s) can be named anything one wishes it/them to be, however it is preferred that they contain the uploader's username. Any files containing imagery that breaks Wikia's Terms of Use will be deleted without warning.

Due to copyright, no videos of any kind are allowed to be uploaded to the wiki, though users can use the YouTube extension to embed videos onto their pages.


Users are allowed to write what they would like to on their user page as long as the text is not in violation of any other policies. This means fanon, short (auto)biographies, etc. are allowed in the User namespace. However, spam, impersonation of others, and the posting of explicit content are all strictly prohibited.

Editing frequencyEdit

Users can edit their user page as often as they'd like, though if they edit it excessively to the point where they flood Special:WikiActivity/Special:RecentChanges, they may incur a warning.

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