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Monstercat Silk (previously known as SilkMusicChannel) is one of the three imprints of Canadian music label Monstercat. Inspired by the therapeutic power and euphoric energy of music, Monstercat Silk shares emotional, intelligent, and visionary electronic tracks. By infusing “Emotions Into Sound,” Silk primarily focuses on progressive house, deep house, trance, breakbeat, and chillout music. The label publishes new tracks on a two-per-week basis on Wednesdays and Fridays.


In February 2021, it was announced by Monstercat that the label would merge with the label Silk Music and would start publishing new music on it's third imprint titled Monstercat Silk, with the imprint dedicated to the label's euphoric and atmospheric-sounding musical styles and genres. Silk officially merged with Monstercat on March 22, 2021. The release schedule dedicated Wednesdays and Fridays to releasing Silk tracks, therefore releasing on the day of the Call of the Wild and Monstercat Silk Showcase shows, as well as releasing on the same day Instinct would release. The addition of the label to Monstercat also included Monstercat Silk Showcase, comparable to Call of the Wild, on Wednesdays right after COTW, and Silk Sessions, comparable to Monstercat TV (MCTV), on Saturdays. After Episode 600 of Silk Showcase, the show was moved to an hour before Call of the Wild.


Albums under Silk[]

Catalog No. Name Artist(s) Date Released
MCEP199 Choir Of Angels EP Banaati February 24, 2021
MCEP200 The Reason EP Approaching Black February 26, 2021
MCEP201 Reset EP Kaskade March 5, 2021
MCEP202 Between Chapters EP Enviado Vida March 10, 2021
MCEP203 Open Your Eyes EP Odsen March 12, 2021
MCEP204 Hang EP Skua & Cosmaks March 17, 2021
MCEP205 Color Textures EP Forty Cats March 19, 2021
MCEP206 Legends Of Siberia EP Meeting Molly April 2, 2021
MCEP207 Sisters EP Manu Zain April 7, 2021
MCEP208 One-Sided Love (Remixes) Claes Rosen April 14, 2021
MCEP210 A Field In England EP Glaue April 16, 2021
MCEP211 Samsarana EP Aeron Aether April 21, 2021
MCEP213 Universe EP meHiLove April 30, 2021
MCEP214 Last Chance EP Meeting Molly May 19, 2021
MCEP216 Spring Selections 05 Various Artists May 28, 2021
MCLP022 Glow Shingo Nakamura June 11, 2021
MCEP218 Mind Control EP Claes Rosen June 25, 2021
MCEP220 Beacon EP Cressida July 14, 2021
MCLP023 The Light LP Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren July 16, 2021
MCEP221 Rwanda EP Angara July 21, 2021
MCEP224 Don't Forget The Parachute EP Not Now Please July 23, 2021
MCEP225 Glow (The Remixes) Shingo Nakamura July 30, 2021
MCLP025 Californian Dreams LP Veeshy August 4, 2021
MCEP228 Love Again EP Banaati & Brandon Mignacca August 11, 2021
MCEP229 Reminiscent EP Terry Da Libra August 18, 2021
MCEP230 Glow (The Remixes Pt. 2) Shingo Nakamura August 23, 2021
MCEP231 Goodbye EP Fløa & Spectorsonic August 25, 2021
MCEP232 Cloud EP Bosquet September 1, 2021
MCEP233 La Cumbre EP Flexible Fire September 3, 2021
MCEP234 Adrift EP Rylan Taggart & Lumynesynth September 8, 2021
MCEP235 West EP Aftruu September 10, 2021
MCEP236 Thinking 'Bout You EP Scarr. & Finding Mero September 15, 2021
MCEP237 Stronger EP Gregory Esayan & Astroleaf September 22, 2021

Silk Releases[]

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Catalog No. Name Artist(s) Date Released
MCS1129 Glow Shingo Nakamura February 10, 2021
MCS1131 Dark Magic PROFF February 12, 2021
MCS1135 Dreamers Vintage & Morelli & Arielle Maren February 17, 2021
MCS1138 Portrait Of You A.M.R February 19, 2021
MCS1144 The Way We Do Glaue March 3, 2021
MCS1147 Miles To Go Kaskade & Ella Vos March 5, 2021
MCS1157 Maverick Vintage & Morelli & Monoverse March 24, 2021
MCS1160 Phenomena Shingo Nakamura March 26, 2021
MCS1163 Coming To Light Wynnwood & Lumynesynth March 31, 2021
MCS1169 Going Home David Broaders April 9, 2021
MCS1175 Away Vintage & Morelli & Arielle Maren April 23, 2021
MCS1178 Catharsis Hausman & Wynnwood April 28, 2021
MCS1182 Arcade Highs Veeshy & Phonic Youth May 5, 2021
MCS1185 Tribute, Chapter III Shingo Nakamura & Stendahl May 7, 2021
MCS1188 Back Again AK May 12, 2021
MCS1191 The Wanderer LTN pres. Ghostbeat May 14, 2021
MCS1196 Solar Wind PROFF pres. Soultorque & Fon.Leman May 21, 2021
MCS1198 Replace You Bound to Divide & Lumynesynth May 26, 2021
MCS1203 Mellow Evening AK June 2, 2021
MCS1205 Valley Of Hope Vintage & Morelli & Arielle Maren June 4, 2021
MCS1207 The Next Step Enviado Vida June 9, 2021
MCS1212 Sati Meeting Molly & Odsen June 16, 2021
MCS1215 Smile A.M.R June 18, 2021
MCS1218 Smoke AK June 23, 2021
MCS1223 Flawed LAR June 30, 2021
MCS1232 Darling Midnight (BT Remix) Shingo Nakamura & Brandon Mignacca July 28, 2021
MCS1238 Calliope Hausman, Wynnwood & Lumynesynth August 6, 2021
MCS1243 Light Magic PROFF August 13, 2021
MCS1248 See The Sunlight Odsen & Meeting Molly August 20, 2021
MCS1253 Threads Archaellum August 27, 2021
MCS1261 All The Roads Mango & ND Catani September 17, 2021
MCS1265 Manautee Fløa & Forty Cats September 24, 2021