The one hundred fiftieth episode of the Monstercat Podcast premiered on April 25, 2017 and released on April 27, 2017. This podcast included a guest mix by Dirtyphonics to announce their new release, Watch Out with Bassnectar featuring the Ragga Twins. The episode contained thirty-two tracks, including twenty-three guest mix tracks, three Monstercat exclusives (one being part of the guest mix and, at the time, a mystery track), and a Monstercat spotlight. The episode is 1 hour, 2 minutes and 54 seconds long (1:02:54).

Tracklist Edit

No. Approx. Time:
Artist(s) / Mixer(s):
Featured Artist(s):
1. 00:00:42New GameNitro FunMonstercat Throwback
2. 00:04:57NevadaVicetonefeat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff
3. 00:08:34LevitateRootkitfeat. Tylor Maurer
4. 00:11:29Want YouOrbiterMonstercat Spotlight
5. 00:14:39Feel SomethingAnevofeat. Kayla Diamond
6. 00:18:25SweetUnlike Plutofeat. Mister BlondeMonstercat Exclusive
7. 00:20:30Tumbling Downsoupandreas & Inverness
8. 00:23:45Go Berzerk (Gammer Remix)Pegboard Nerds & Quiet DisorderGammerMonstercat Exclusive
9. 00:25:52RareGoing Quantum & Psychic Type
10. 00:29:56Watch OutDirtyphonics & Bassnectarfeat. Ragga TwinsDirtyphonics Guest Mix
11. 00:32:12Junction SevenMuzzyDirtyphonics Guest Mix
12. 00:33:16CrescendoMuzzyfeat. MYLKDirtyphonics Guest Mix
13. 00:34:41Droppin' LowStonebankDirtyphonics Guest Mix
14. 00:36:29Move That BodyPegboard Nerds & Quiet DisorderDirtyphonics Guest Mix
15. 00:37:56OK!San Holo & JauzDirtyphonics Guest Mix
16. 00:39:19EmptinessSlushiiDirtyphonics Guest Mix
17. 00:39:59WeaponizePegboard Nerds & MIUDirtyphonics Guest Mix
18. 00:41:19TurmoilSlippy x HollyDirtyphonics Guest Mix
19. 00:42:25Deep In The NightSnails & Pegboard NerdsDirtyphonics Guest Mix
20. 00:44:24Deep In The Night (Muzzy Remix)Snails & Pegboard NerdsMuzzyDirtyphonics Guest Mix
21. 00:46:24RuptureDroptekDirtyphonics Guest Mix
22. 00:48:14Deeper Love vs. Children of HellBotnek & I See MONSTAS vs. MuzzyDirtyphonics Guest Mix
23. 00:50:19PanicDion TimmerDirtyphonics Guest Mix
24. 00:51:09Bass DropZero HeroDirtyphonics Guest Mix/Monstercat Exclusive
25. 00:52:45AamonKUURODirtyphonics Guest Mix
26. 00:53:22TimeSnavsDirtyphonics Guest Mix
27. 00:54:24Alone (Slushii Remix)MarshmelloSlushiiDirtyphonics Guest Mix
28. 00:54:49Go BerzerkPegboard Nerds & Quiet DisorderDirtyphonics Guest Mix
29. 00:55:50BoundlessAero ChordDirtyphonics Guest Mix
30. 00:56:35HeistNoisestormDirtyphonics Guest Mix
31. 00:58:04WarheadMuzzy & DroptekDirtyphonics Guest Mix
32. 00:59:04SpectrumMuzzyDirtyphonics Guest Mix

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