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The seventieth episode of the Monstercat Podcast (Mix Contest Finals) was released on August 11, 2015 and uploaded to SoundCloud & YouTube on August 13, 2015. The episode contains eight mixes from eight finalists of the first ever Mix Contest. The episode is 1 hour, 57 minutes and 10 seconds long (1:57:10), with 63 Monstercat songs in total (excluding duplicates).


No. Approx. Time Mix Tracks Artist(s) Featured Artist(s) Remixer(s)
1. 00:01:33 Challenger 1: Buttons
Messiah, Inferno, Final Boss, The Girl vs Insight, Build The Cities (Grabbitz Remix) vs Turn Around, War (Diskord Remix), War (Zuko Remix). Shadow, Breakdown VIP, Combine, Truth vs High Tide, Synergy
Laszlo, Rich Edwards, Nitro Fun, Hellberg, Haywyre, Karma Fields, Grabbitz, Astronaut, Far Too Loud, Bustre, Noisestorm, Tristam and Grant Bowtie Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Kerli and Anna Yvette (uncredited) Grabbitz, Diskord and Zuko
2. 00:16:15 Challenger 2: Syphlix
Bad Pitched, Buzz Kill, This Time, Quantum (Hellberg Remix), Quantum (Spag Heddy Remix), Do It, Halcyon
Insan3Lik3, PIXL, Astronaut, Rootkit, Au5 and Fractal Krystal Buckley (uncredited) Hellberg and Spag Heddy
3. 00:31:16 Challenger 3: Rhakka
Sidewinder, Dynamite, Saiko vs Bloodlip, Build The Cities (Grabbitz Remix), War (Diskord Remix), Lilith, Top Of The World 2, Fugitive, Here It Comes (Snavs & Toby Green Remix)
7 Minutes Dead, Rogue, Aero Chord, Matduke, Karma Fields, Astronaut, Far Too Loud, Varien, Stephen Walking, Case & Point and Pegboard Nerds Veela and Kerli Grabbitz, Diskord, Snavs and Toby Green
4. 00:46:20 Challenger 4: Redza
Divided, Night After Night, Cheat Codes, New Game, Just Wait For It, Ashes, No Holding On, Ashes vs No Holding On, Blossom, Snowblind, Hold Fast, BADBOI, Breakdown VIP
Slips & Slurs, Rogue, Nitro Fun, Chris Ramos, Hellberg, Rich Edwards, Stereotronique, Au5, San Holo, Pegboard Nerds and Noisestorm Juvon Taylor, Danyka Nadeau, Holly Drummond, Tasha Baxter and Tessa Douwstra
5. 01:01:11 Challenger 5: Sylente Night
Renzokuken, Because We Are, Sweetest Addiction, Build The Cities (Empire Of Sound), Build The Cities (Grabbitz Remix), Turn Around, Hero (Teminite Remix), Bring The Madness (Trinergy & Tim Ismag Remix), Champions (Silverback Remix), A Walk To The Gallows
Razihel, Soulero, Hellberg, Rich Edwards, Tristam, Karma Fields, Grabbitz, Pegboard Nerds, Excision and Astronaut We Ghosts, Kerli, Elizaveta, Mayor Apeshit and Harry Brooks Jnr Grabbitz, Teminite, Trinergy, Tim Ismag and Silverback
6. 01:15:50 Challenger 6: ZillaStorm
Hold Fast, Law Of The Jungle, Way Too Deep, Aether and Light, Genesis
San Holo, Laszlo, Grabbitz, Varien and Protostar Tessa Douwstra
7. 01:28:24 Challenger 7: Weasley
Ultraviolet, World's End, Kaleidoscope, Lonesong
Eminence, Day One, Kasbo and Feint Holly Drummond
8. 01:41:46 Challenger 8: Prime Ordnance
Knight, Men & Machines, Build The Cities (Grabbitz Remix), Free My World, Transition (Short), Razor Sharp VIP vs Barghest
F.O.O.L, Draper, Karma Fields, Direct, Grabbitz, Pegboard Nerds, Tristam and Tut Tut Child Kerli Grabbitz



  • List of the number of songs used in each mix:
    1. Buttons - 15 songs (including songs from three mashups)
    2. Syphlix - 7 songs
    3. Rhakka - 10 songs (including songs from a mashup)
    4. Redza - 12 songs
    5. Sylente Night - 10 songs
    6. ZillaStorm - 5 songs
    7. Weasley - 4 songs
    8. Prime Ordnance - 7 songs (including songs from a mashup)

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