"Monstercat Podcast - Episode 001"
Monstercat Podcast 001
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Teaser Episode 002
Released March 20, 2014
Length 58:04
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The first episode of the Monstercat Podcast was premiered on March 18th, 2014 and released March 20th, 2014 on iTunes and YouTube. The episode contains fifteen songs including its first Monstercat Spotlight and Exclusive. The episode is 58 minutes and 4 seconds long (58:04).

Tracklist Edit

No. Approx. Time:
1. 00:00:31MotionlessProject 46feat. Seri
2. 00:04:16Bassline Kickin (Astronaut Remix)Pegboard NerdsAstronaut
3. 00:07:23Old Skool (Alex Mind Remix)TelevisorAlex Mind
4. 00:12:03Quantum (Hellberg Remix)AstronautHellbergMonstercat Spotlight
5. 00:15:56HouseOVERWERKfeat. Nick Nikon
6. 00:19:56Dance To ItTut Tut Child
7. 00:23:23FrainBreezePegboard Nerds
8. 00:27:13Back and ForthHaywyre
9. 00:30:36MoreSubformatfeat. Charli Brix
10. 00:34:48Rain (MitiS Remix)AstronautMitiS
11. 00:38:18Waking Dreams (Drum & Bass VIP)TwoThirdsfeat. Laura Brehm
12. 00:42:51Truth (Dabin Remix)TristamDabin
13. 00:47:26TogetherNoisestorm
14. 00:50:51ExogenesisRogue
15. 00:55:40Follow YouAu5feat. Danyka NadeauMonstercat Exclusive

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Trivia Edit

  • The podcast was released during the 017 era.
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