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Monstercat Gold is a music licensing program for content creators, fans and music enthusiasts of Monstercat. The program was created to protect channels and monetized content from DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedowns on streaming and video platforms, while providing the label's large catalog of music to enrich any creator's content. Gold also provides members multiple perks, including early streaming access to new releases, early shopping access and discounts to the Monstercat Shop, exclusive role and chat channels on Discord, and an exclusive subreddit flair. The proceeds of the program become a direct monetary support to the label's artists, developing an open economy for creators, fans and artists to grow together.[1]


Content Creator License & Download Access[]

Members of the Gold program can access and download all of Monstercat's singles, EPs, LPs, albums and compilation albums listed on their website. Releases can be downloaded as an MP3, FLAC, and WAV format and can be altered in the account settings. Content creators, however, can only use songs that are licensable on their YouTube, Twitch or Mixer channels (add up to six channels per subscription). Content creators that use non-licensable tracks will be ineligible for monetization and receive a copyright claim by Monstercat on their videos in question. The ad revenue would go to Monstercat and the artists pertaining to the non-licensable content in the videos. Content creators with Monstercat Gold can release a claim from their video and keep 100% of their revenue claim-free, as long as their video was published after subscribing to Gold. Twitch and Mixer streamers can utilize Creator Mode in their account settings on Monstercat's website to skip or hide non-licensable tracks.

Early Streaming Releases[]

Releases are fully available to the public at 12:00 a.m. PST (PDT during Canada's daylight savings) on the Monstercat and Monstercat Player websites. However, Monstercat Gold members can access new releases up to 20 hours before they are fully released on the website. This is a benefit to subscribers who want to hear and enjoy the upcoming release first.

As of early 2023, selected songs will also have their extended mixes available on the Monstercat Player, available for download for Monstercat Gold members. The extended mixes appear under the same dropdown menu used to download music from the player.

Monstercat Shop Perks[]

Every month, Gold members get a discount code for 10% off at the Monstercat Shop. The discount increases up to 15% off after one year and 20% off after two years. Members are also given pre-release access to the Monstercat Shop for apparel collections and access to Gold-only merchandise. This gives members an advantage at the Shop in discounts and amount of supply available before the public views the website.

Discord & Reddit Features[]

Gold members receive access to Monstercat's Gold channels and gain an exclusive Gold role on their Discord server. Members can chat with other Gold users, participate in giveaways, and get secret knowledge of/participation in possible Monstercat projects. For example, Gold members were given the exclusive opportunity to suggest songs for Monstercat: Call of the Wild - Episode 212.

Members also receive access to an exclusive Monstercat Gold subreddit flair to showcase on Monstercat's subreddit.

Support The Artists[]

Currently, members pay $7.49 USD monthly or $75 USD annually for the program, and the proceeds directly go to Monstercat artists. Artists are able to continue pursuing their music with the monetary support of content creators and fans through the label. This open economy allows everyone to grow together and benefit from the Gold program.

Community Response[]

The program has received major praise and very minor criticism from it's members. Originally, the program pre-license merger cost $10 USD alone. After this merger, the community applauded the program, believing the perks and the up-to-six channel licenses to be worth the $5 USD. In 2021, the price changed to $7.49 USD monthly or $75 USD annually with the addition of Monstercat Silk and it's artists and discography. This price increase and the addition of a yearly option has not yet been responded by the community, but is likely to stay in good standings. Members encountering an issue with the program can ask the Monstercat staff and the rest of the Gold members to help resolve their dilemma, showcasing a strong reliability from the label and community.

Duality, the 2018 Monstercat Mix Contest champion, released a few videos discussing the worth of the program, the perks that Gold members receive, and criticism of the people who abuse the program (most of these issues were resolved). According to Duality, as of December 2018, the cost of purchasing all Monstercat releases, albums, podcasts and album mixes individually is estimated to be $2,400 USD (more than $3,200 USD as of September 4, 2020). Paying to download new releases and Call of the Wild episodes per month individually estimates at $26 USD, just over five times the cost of Monstercat Gold.[2]

As of criticism, people abused the early release system by illegally downloading and uploading releases before a track's official release.[3] Monstercat resolved this by claiming or removing videos that uploaded before the official release. This, amongst other types of videos with their tracks (bass boosted, nightcore, looping, etc.), and channels using Monstercat's name or icon on their profile, are against Monstercat's Terms of Services and Community Guidelines.[4]

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