The Monstercat 9 Year Anniversary compilation features 6 remixes/covers by staple Monstercat artists of songs released during the 1990's. It was released on June 29, 2020.

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No. Track Original Artist Cover Artist Length Genre(s) Original Featured Artist Cover Featured Artist
1. Sandstorm Darude Pixel Terror 3:33 Hands Up | Complextro / Brostep
2. Rhythm Is A Dancer Snap! Pegboard Nerds 3:43 Big Room House Tia Simone
3. Better Off Alone Alice DJ Grant 4:09 Future Bass / Breaks / Hands Up
4. Around the World Daft Punk Half an Orange 2:57 Future House Saxsquatch
5. Children Robert Miles Rameses B 3:24 Liquid Drum & Bass
6. Coming On Strong Signum Stonebank 2:54 Hard Trance Scott Mac EMEL

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