Monstercat 5 Year Anniversary is a compilation album by Monstercat to celebrate the label's 5-year anniversary.

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On July 1, 2016, Monstercat announced the 5 Year Anniversary compilation album via a YouTube video. The album will be available for free, with each track being released separately at no cost, for fans who sign up to receive them via a mailing list.[1]

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  • The partially hidden Japanese writing on the right wall (化け猫 Bakeneko) translates into English as "Monstercat".

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1. MatchesStephen Walking & Ephixa3:53July 4, 2016Tropical Housefeat. Aaron Richards
2. Lift You UpStonebank5:08July 5, 2016Tech Trance / Uplifting Trancefeat. EMEL
3. BlackoutPegboard Nerds3:32July 6, 2014Big Room HouseNerds By Nature EP
4. DividedSlippy3:32July 7, 2016Hybrid Trap / Drum & BassVIP Mix
5. Imperfect ViewsRogue4:02July 8, 2016Melodic Dubstep / Liquid DubstepVIP of Perfect Views
6. This FeelingNoisestorm4:21July 11, 2016Fidget House
7. TribalLaszlo4:44July 12, 2016Minimal House / Future House / Tribal House
8. Break the SilenceRichard Caddock, Slippy, WRLD, Nitro Fun, & Subtact4:33July 13, 2016Synthpop / Future Bass / Future Trap
9. CrescendoMuzzy4:59July 14, 2016Jump Upfeat. MYLK
10. Before We FadeTristam4:07July 15, 2016Melodic Drumstep / Liquid Drumstep / Synthpop

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