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381 - Monstercat Call of the Wild (Wild Cats Takeover Pt. 2) is the 230th episode of the Call of the Wild series. The episode was taken over by Monst3r, Darby, Beatplant and Duality of the Wild Cats (DJs from the Monstercat Mix Contest). The episode contained four mixes from the four DJs and is approximately 1 hour and 57 seconds (1:00:57).


No. Approx. Time Track Artist(s) / Mixer(s) Featured Artist(s) Remixer(s) Special Info
[00:00:45] Monst3r
1. 00:00:45 Lara's Dream Nafis
2. 00:01:27 Thinking Bout You Disero & Bertie Scott
3. 00:02:05 Hide And Seek SLUMBERJACK Claire Ridgely
4. 00:02:19 Fix It Grant & RUNN
5. 00:02:53 Hide And Seek (Duumu Remix) x Fix It SLUMBERJACK x Grant & RUNN Claire Ridgely Duumu Monst3r Mashup
6. 00:04:31 City Lights Conro Royal
7. 00:04:31 Sideways Tisoki Courtney Drummey
8. 00:04:31 Potions SLANDER & Said The Sky JT Roach TYNAN
9. 00:04:49 On My Way Up Conro
10. 00:06:39 A Forever Fortress - Forever x Fortress Rome In Silver & Tails x Rogue Monst3r Mashup
11. 00:08:31 Athena x COMEDOWN SLUMBERJACK x Tisoki Monst3r Mashup
12. 00:09:11 Pinball Astronaut & EYES Twine
13. 00:10:15 Pinball Astronaut & EYES Twine Prime Ordnance's Pinball Pandemonium Edit
14. 00:10:33 Pinball Astronaut & EYES
15. 00:10:40 Vicimus Slippy
16. 00:11:07 Vicimus x Tripwire Slippy x YMIR Monst3r Mashup
17. 00:12:56 Hades SLUMBERJACK & FOMO Collin McLoughlin
18. 00:13:40 Hades x Spitfire (Stonebank Remix) SLUMBERJACK & FOMO x Infected Mushroom Stonebank Monst3r Mashup
19. 00:14:36 NEEDED U Gammer
20. 00:15:01 NEEDED U x Bounce Gammer x VESK GREEN & Pegboard Nerds Monst3r Mashup
21. 00:15:52 Form Slippy
[00:15:58] Darby
22. 00:15:58 Form Slippy
23. 00:16:03 Your Pain Koven
24. 00:17:07 Beast Reach & Jupe
25. 00:17:07 Magma x Emptiness Pixel Terror x Slushii Darby's Double Time Edit
26. 00:17:51 Spitfire Infected Mushroom Stonebank
27. 00:19:03 Destayny (Ace Aura Discography Mashup) - Destiny x Stay x The Feeling Ace Aura x TYNAN x Crankdat Darby Mashup
28. 00:20:00 Imperfect is OK! - Imperfect Views x OK! x Shadow People Rogue x Jauz & San Holo x Eptic Darby Mashup
29. 00:22:03 Sleepless Pixel Terror, Chime & Teminite
30. 00:23:11 The Sleepless - Omega x The Darkness x Maxima x Nebula x Superstar x Stop Pretending x Code Blood Pixel Terror x Xilent x Teminite x JayKode x Pegboard Nerds x NGHTMRE x Eptic Karra (uncredited) x Krewella Darby Mashup
31. 00:24:03 Dreams Rogue Laura Brehm
32. 00:24:03 Telling Me Koven
33. 00:24:55 Tormenta Kayzo & Delta Heavy
34. 00:25:18 U Got No Sleep (Bossfight Discography Mashup) - No Sleep VIP x U Got Me x Sovereign x Evil Inside x Evil Inside VIP Bossfight x Dirtyphonics Darby Mashup
35. 00:26:24 Follow Me Grabbitz
36. 00:26:24 Berserker Mazare & Essenger
37. 00:27:51 Work Bossfight
38. 00:28:03 Junction Seven x Gunslinga MUZZ x Pegboard Nerds Skyelle (uncredited) x MC Mota Darby Mashup
39. 00:28:58 Need You to Shut It Down Man - I Need You x Shut It Down x Manifest Delta Heavy x MUZZ & Teddy Killerz x Pegboard Nerds & More Plastic MC Mota Darby Mashup
40. 00:29:58 Love All Alone ;-; - All Alone x Deeper Love Pegboard Nerds & Grabbitz x Botnek & I See MONSTAS Darby Mashup
[00:30:54] Beatplant
41. 00:30:54 Imaginary Winter - Imaginary Friend x Winter Dust x Solar Flare x URCA Mr FijiWiji x Seagrave x Just A Gent Brenton Mattheus x Olivia Grace Beatplant Mashup
42. 00:31:38 Destination: URCA - URCA x Final Destination x We Are One x Outsiders x Supersonic Just A Gent x Talamanca x Flite x MUZZ x Pegboard Nerds Olivia Grace x Charlotte Haining x Chimeric Beatplant Mashup
43. 00:32:44 Outsiders MUZZ Charlotte Haining
44. 00:33:49 Atlaswolf - Timberwolf x Atlas x Rekindle The Inner Light MUZZ x Feint x Allay Hugo Allen Beatplant Mashup
45. 00:34:11 Timberwolf MUZZ
46. 00:34:54 FIND GREATNESS - Combine x FIND URSELF x Greatness Bustre x Tisoki x Karma Fields Talib Kweli Duality Mashup
47. 00:36:25 Phoenix x Hurt For Me x Bring It Back Skyler Madison x Bustre x Tisoki GLNNA x Thallie Ann Seenyen Beatplant's 'Broken' Edit
48. 00:37:32 No Turning Back Protostar
49. 00:37:32 Rupture Droptek
50. 00:38:04 Rupture x PURSUIT Droptek x Protostar Beatplant x Monst3r Mashup
51. 00:38:52 Hello Going Quantum Centra
52. 00:40:29 Somebody Should - Nobody Else x Shouldn't Nonsens x WHIPPED CREAM & REAPER Karra Beatplant Mashup
53. 00:41:49 Second Guesses - Yours Truly (Vacant Remix) x Same Mistake x Sideways x Answers x Glimmer x Back Again Mr FijiWiji x Fransis Derelle & Josh Rubin x Tisoki x Puppet x TwoThirds x AK Danyka Nadeau x Courtney Drummey x Koo x CoMa Vacant _Quantum x Ethani Mashup
[00:43:23] Duality
54. 00:44:23 Carol of the Cartels Bossfight
55. 00:44:32 Work Bossfight
56. 00:44:42 Carol of the Cartels x Voidwalkers Bossfight x Au5 & Chime Duality Mashup
57. 00:45:30 State of Mind Atmozfears In-Phase
58. 00:45:34 Kneel Before Me SLANDER & Crankdat Asking Alexandria
59. 00:45:36 Ascend Jay Cosmic
60. 00:45:37 Be Alright Stonebank EMEL
61. 00:46:23 The Ascent Of Light - Holy x Bass Drop x The Meaning x Light of Mine Kayzo & SLANDER x Zero Hero x Gent & Jawns x WHIPPED CREAM & Jimorrow Micah Martin Duality Mashup
62. 00:48:07 A Deal With The Devil - D.E.A.L x The Munsta x The Munsta (AlphavibeZ Remix) x Legends (Zatox Remix) x Obsession KUURO & Psycho Boys Club x SCNDL x Razihel x Neilio TeamMate AlphavibeZ x Zatox Duality Mashup
63. 00:49:24 Playtime Is Over - It's All Over x PLAY (BEAUZ Remix) ShockOne x Tokyo Machine BEAUZ Duality Mashup
64. 00:50:09 Playtime Don't Stop - PLAY (Panda Eyes Remix) x Party Don't Stop Tokyo Machine x Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer Panda Eyes Duality Mashup
65. 00:50:57 Duality On Mushrooms (Infected Mushroom Discography Mashup) - Freedom Bill x Spitfire x Back At It x Kababies x Leftovers x Hero (Infected Mushroom Remix) x More Of Just The Same x You Wanna Stay x Here We Go Go Go x Ma Osim x No Line in MIDI x Symphonatic (Infected Mushroom & Astrix Remix) x Head of NASA x BLiSS on Mushrooms x Infected Megamix x Guitarmass x Ani Mevushal x Only Solutions x Chenchen Barvaz x Splicon Infected Mushroom, Freedom Fighters & Mr. Bill x Pegboard Nerds x WHITENO1SE x BLiSS x SpaceNoiZe & Vertical Mode Elizaveta x Miyavi Infected Mushroom x Astrix Duality Mashup
66. 00:52:29 Prometheus Rameses B
67. 00:52:41 Final Boss Nitro Fun
68. 00:52:42 Duality On Mushrooms (Infected Mushroom Discography Mashup) Duality Mashup
69. 00:53:40 Deck The Halls (Time To Die) FWLR
70. 00:53:56 Duality On Mushrooms (Infected Mushroom Discography Mashup) Duality Mashup
71. 00:54:22 Space Graveyard - Head of NASA x Chenchen Barvaz x Tombstone x Prometheus Infected Mushroom x Will Sparks x SCNDL x Rameses B Duality Mashup
72. 00:54:50 Splicon Infected Mushroom
73. 00:55:01 This Time Kayzo
74. 00:55:12 THE DROP Gammer Gent & Jawns
75. 00:55:14 You Might Get Lost Julian Calor
76. 00:55:22 Rise Of The Discarded - Superhuman (Gammer Remix) x Tombstone x Discarded SLANDER x Will Sparks & SCNDL x Xilent Eric Leva Gammer Duality Mashup
77. 00:56:00 A New Years Anthem - Saving Light (Hixxy Remix) x Sky Is Falling x SOS x Never Let Me Down x Be Alright x Lose It All Gareth Emery & Standerwick x Darren Styles x Stonebank x Elizaveta x Atmozfears HALIENE x EMEL x David Spekter Hixxy Duality Mashup
78. 00:57:40 Saving Light Gareth Emery & Standerwick HALIENE Hixxy
79. 00:58:49 Goodbye To A Year - Goodnight Sequence x Stars Varien & 7 Minutes Dead x Project 46 Danyka Nadeau (uncredited) x Haley Duality Mashup
80. 01:00:48 The Technician Matduke Neilio



  • You can also see the 2 hour version of Wildcats takeover (Ep. 380 & 381 combined) here.

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