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380 - Monstercat Call of the Wild (Wild Cats Takeover Pt. 1) is the 229th episode of the Call of the Wild series. The episode was taken over by Feathervane, SILVER SKIES, NOTE and Ethani of the Wild Cats (DJs from the Monstercat Mix Contest). The episode contained four mixes from the four DJs and is approximately 1 hour and 45 seconds (1:00:45).


No. Approx. Time Track Artist(s) / Mixer(s) Featured Artist(s) Remixer(s) Special Info
[00:00:45] Feathervane
1. 00:00:45 Sunrise Stendahl
2. 00:00:45 Glow Shingo Nakamura
3. 00:01:11 Meet Me In The Blue Richard J Aarden
4. 00:01:40 Juneau Skyline Drive
5. 00:01:46 Universe Eminence Meron Ryan
6. 00:02:39 From Dust Xilent
7. 00:02:47 Gems x Dawn Notaker x Bosquet Feathervane Mashup
8. 00:04:16 All The Roads Mango & ND Catani
9. 00:04:48 Terra Pavel Denisov
10. 00:05:51 Terra x More To Give Pavel Denisov x Drinks On Me Feathervane Mashup
11. 00:07:59 Tocadores (Extended Mix) Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren
12. 00:07:59 Here With Me Schodt & Sundriver Aida Fenhel
13. 00:08:43 Phenomena[1] Shingo Nakamura Julian Gray
14. 00:10:39 Peacock x Scared 7 Minutes Dead x Sabai Claire Ridgely Feathervane Mashup
15. 00:11:59 Ethereal Concepts Blugazer Piramex
16. 00:12:30 I Can Feel You Approaching Black
17. 00:12:45 Heartbeat Vicetone Collin McLoughlin PIXL
18. 00:12:57 Interstellar Laszlo
19. 00:13:57 Some of This - Somewhere New x All of This Bad Computer x Aiobahn & NUZB Feathervane Mashup
[00:15:21] SILVER SKIES
20. 00:15:21 New Poisons - Somewhere New x Poisons Bad Computer x Whales & Misdom SILVER SKIES Mashup
21. 00:16:19 Caught In The Rays Ellis
22. 00:16:21 Transmissions from Lemuria Varien
23. 00:16:41 Coloured Glass Draper Kate Walsh (uncredited)
24. 00:16:50 Enough Is Enough Puppet & Cormak Richard Caddock
25. 00:17:50 Caught In 2016 - LA2016 x Caught In The Rays Direct & Mr Fijiwiji x Ellis Feathervane Mashup
26. 00:18:32 Hands of Time Hellberg & Rich Edwards Jonny Rose
27. 00:18:49 Don't Say Ur Sorry Ellis Maribelle
28. 00:18:49 Raining Computers - Destroy Me x Rain x Paradise x Paradigm x Riddle Bad Computer x Astronaut Karra x MYLK (uncredited) SILVER SKIES Mashup
29. 00:20:43 Retrospect - Yours Truly (Vacant Remix) x Need You x Stock & Pull x Old Skool (Nitro Fun Remix) x Quantum Mr FijiWiji x F.O.O.L x Stereotronique x Televisor x Astronaut Danyka Nadeau x Krystal Buckley (uncredited) Vacant x Nitro Fun SILVER SKIES Mashup
30. 00:22:28 Wallflower - Fire Flower x Walls (Nigel Good Remix) Holly & Loosid x Dan & Sam Maxx Hennard Nigel Good Feathervane Mashup
31. 00:23:13 Sleigh Ride Stephen Walking
32. 00:23:56 This Time PIXL
33. 00:25:03 Buzz Kill PIXL
34. 00:25:23 Waiting For You To Go - What You Waiting For x Anywhere You Go Chris Ramos & MC Flipside x NERVO Timmy Trumpet SILVER SKIES Mashup
35. 00:25:54 Easter Egg Nitro Fun
36. 00:27:24 Easter Egg x Shift Nitro Fun x OBLVYN Feathervane Mashup
37. 00:27:54 Time x Emergency Julian Calor & Aiobahn x Pegboard Nerds Nothing But Thieves SILVER SKIES Mashup
38. 00:29:24 Find That Someone Televisor Richard Judge
[00:29:40] NOTE
39. 00:29:40 Find That Someone Televisor Richard Judge
40. 00:30:27 Are We Still Minty - Minty x Are We Still Young Volant x Grant Juneau NOTE Mashup
41. 00:31:31 Break Loose (Volant Remix) x Don't Say Ur Sorry Televisor x Ellis Splitbreed & Jin Jin (uncredited) x Maribelle Volant NOTE Mashup
42. 00:33:26 Set Me Free x Without Chu The Night x 7 Minutes Dead Emsi NOTE Mashup
43. 00:34:38 All I See Draper Laura Brehm
44. 00:35:44 Nurture Glacier Brenna Myers
45. 00:37:10 FrainBreeze Pegboard Nerds
46. 00:37:36 Scorpion Pit Protostar
47. 00:37:57 Comeback Falcon Funk & Bossfight
48. 00:38:54 Pavonine x Dads In Space Au5 & Fractal x Stephen Walking NOTE Mashup
49. 00:40:59 Midnight Lights Conro Ini Oladosu
50. 00:42:16 2 Me smle Kiddo AI & Nick Smith
51. 00:43:44 I Can't Tut Tut Child
52. 00:44:01 Hang Up WRLD Savoi
[00:44:32] Ethani
53. 00:44:32 Hang Up WRLD Savoi
54. 00:45:06 Any Waves - Airwaves (Ibiza Dub Mix) x Here With Me (Sundriver A Cappella Mix) x Anyway Chris Domingo & Miss T x Schodt & Sundriver x FWLR & David Spekter Aida Fenhel Ethani Mashup
55. 00:46:26 Warmest Day Our Stolen Theory
56. 00:47:18 This Is Further - Further x This Is Forever Direct & CloudNone x Hellberg Matt Van (uncredited) x Danyka Nadeau Ethani Mashup
57. 00:48:30 Margarita CloudNone & Direct
58. 00:48:40 Coloured Margarita Glass - Margarita x Coloured Glass CloudNone & Direct x Draper Kate Walsh (uncredited)
59. 00:49:56 Time Voyage Just A Gent Hauskey
60. 00:51:05 Time Voyage x COMEDOWN Just A Gent x Tisoki Hauskey Ethani Mashup
61. 00:52:05 I Don't Wanna Be Alone - Glimmer x FAKE IT x Always In A Nightmare TwoThirds x Tisoki x Au5 & Nytrix CoMa x joegarratt Ethani x Monst3r Mashup
62. 00:54:22 We Won't Be Alone - Juneau x We Won't Be Alone Skyline Drive x Feint Laura Brehm Monst3r Mashup
63. 00:56:14 I’m Better Off Without You Around - Without U x LA2016 CloudNone & Direct x Mr FijiWiji Monst3r Mashup
64. 00:57:58 I Never Forget You When I Close My Eyes - Never Forget x Ghost in the Machine Rameses B x Trivecta RØRY (uncredited) Monst3r Mashup
65. 00:59:18 The Last World She Knew - Last Train Home x Fell Down x Queen of Your Heart CloudNone x Tut Tut Child Holly Drummond x Augustus Ghost Monst3r x Ethani Mashup

  1. The stems from this song were used to recreate the melody of Tocadores, according to the Twitch chat on 9:56.



  • You can also see the 2 hour version of Wildcats takeover (Ep. 380 & 381 combined) here.

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