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372 - Monstercat Call of the Wild (Halloween Special) is the 221st episode of the Call of the Wild series and the fifth Halloween episode. This episode contained 33 tracks, including six Monstercat mashups, two Monstercat exclusives, a Gold feature, and Uncaged, Instinct and Silk spotlights. The episode is approximately 1 hour, 1 minute and 39 seconds (1:01:39).


Dan appears from underneath his desk and welcomes the audience to this year's super spooky Halloween episode, but backtracks and tells everyone that nothing is going to happen this year, for sure. He briefly mentions that he knows what everyone might be thinking, then begins to list everything he's done to keep himself safe. He's checked all the rooms in the office, he's locked all the doors he could possibly lock, he's even equipped the doors with bells, so he'll hear it if any door opens. He also mentions that he has Josh (a.k.a Rocketman, the COTW mixer) on speed dial, should he ever need his assistance. Nothing is going to happen this year, on his watch.

As Vex fades in, Dan is very confident that nothing will happen this year, telling everyone that everything's fine, seeing as nothing happened between Existentia and Beast. However, while Dan is talking, his camera begins to glitch.

One song later, he notices that his camera was a little glitchy last time, but blames the problem on his computer. He mentions that he's running a lot of different programs today and that he needs a new one. His camera continues to glitch during this as well.

When Murda fades in, it plays like any song normally would. However, when it got to the drop, it suddenly switched to The Ride. When that drop was over, it swapped immediately back to Murda. This is not supposed to happen, and Dan knows this. So, he anxiously calls Josh to tell him what's going on.

When he picks up, Dan asks him if he remembers when Dan told him that nothing was going to go wrong today. Josh sounds annoyed, asking what the problem could possibly be this time, as well as if Darlington got locked in the vocal booth again. Dan tells him that this is no times for jokes, and Josh apologizes, asking what he can help with. Dan explains what happened with his camera, but puts that low on his priority list. Then, he explains what just happened with Murda, and how that wasn't what they agreed on for COTW this week. He then equates this to if the mix were possessed. Josh is skeptical of this being the case, and Dan immediately explains himself, saying that he knows it sounds stupid. He asks Josh if he was the only one that mixed COTW today, before backtracking. In conclusion, he tells Josh that he's just tripping himself out and that everything is fine. However, Josh noticed that something was up too, so he says he's going to look into things on his end, and see what he can do, before hanging up.

As Mercy begins to play, a camera glitches and appears on screen. We see Dan from outside of his office, jamming to the music. He turns around for a split second, because he heard something in the office, but then returns to jamming to the music. Then, the camera disappears. The next thing that happens to the mix is that Amnesia appears and is mashed with Mercy, but this isn't reflected in the text. Only the video distorts when Amnesia is played.

Dan anxiously calls Josh again, and he says he has good news and bad news. Dan asks him what the good news is, and he says Dan was right! The mix that was playing for COTW right then, is definitely not the mix they agreed they were going to use. Dan asks him how he thinks that's good news. This allows Josh to segue into the bad news, he has no control over the mix at all. Someone or something else is doing it. Whatever it is, most likely got into Josh's stems folder, and is taking things out of there and mashing them together with other songs. Not only that, but it's also taking the songs that were supposed to be in the episode that day, and playing them all out of order. Dan recaps what Josh just told him, and then admits that what's happening isn't all that bad, if this is the worst of it. Josh reluctantly agrees, and then jokes that the office monsters are finally on their side, saying that all they want to do is play "some killer music". Dan tells him that was a poor choice of words, and then he's not the one alone in the studio right now. Josh apologizes, and then says he'll see if there isn't anything else he can do about what's going on with the mix, before hanging up.

When Vicimus begins to play, the mystery camera appears again, but this time from the door of Dan's office. As it enters the room, we hear the bell Dan set up ring, but Dan doesn't hear it. The camera gets closer and closer to Dan, almost leaning over his shoulder, before backing away again. As the camera is backing away, Dan turns around. But, the camera ducks behind a chair, so by the time we see Dan again, he turned back around and he never saw the camera. Dan returns to the audience, saying he's just checking in really quick in case something does happen. He tells everyone that he's hearing noises in the studio and as it transitions to Crucified, he pauses for a second. He says he hears Haunted playing at the same time over top of it, and decides that he needs to do something about this before someone gets hurt.

A few mashups later, the mystery camera returns, showing Dan in his office from the window inside. Dan stands up from his desk and leaves the office, while the camera pans over to a dark hallway. It backs away from the far end of the hallway, where Dan appears. He opens all the doors in the hallway as he comes across them, asking if anyone is around as he does so. He finds the vocal booth, and cautiously opens the door to find nothing. Then, he looks straight at the camera, looks left and right, and then closes the door on it, continuing his search elsewhere. The camera then disappears.

Dan gets back to his desk, and is about to speak to the audience again when he's interrupted by a call from Josh. He answers, and Josh anxiously asks if he's there. This is when the mystery camera appears again, as well, and enters Dan's office once more. Dan asks what's going on and Josh tells him that he's been watching COTW online and that he sees the mystery camera on stream, warning Dan that he is not alone. Dan tells Josh that he's seen the mystery camera too, but then tells him that he's checked everywhere in the office, locked all the doors and even put bells on them. All of those things have returned results of no one else being in the office. This is when the mystery camera loops around to a window that's directly in front of Dan's desk. However, when the camera gets there, Dan has his back to this window. Dan begins to say that unless something is going through walls, nothing should be in the office. But, Josh interrupts him to tell him that the mystery camera is looking directly at him right now. Josh lowers his voice to a more serious tone and says that they might have a really serious situation on their hands right now. Dan turns around, but looks down at his desk and asks where he's being looked at from. Josh tells Dan to leave the office, and Dan is annoyed at this, saying that's easier said than done. Josh continously urges Dan to cut the episode here, to say "Later Days", and call the whole thing off and go home. However, he begins to break up with saying this and Dan hangs up, saying he can't understand him.

In the middle of the Only You and Lido mashup, a poll appears in Twitch chat, most likely from whatever is in the office. The question is "What should I do?" and the two options are "Abduct Dan" or "Let him vibe".

At the end of the mashup, the mystery camera appears, but from behind a plant in Dan's office. Dan returns to speak to the audience and tells everyone that the music that's been playing has been pretty good so far. He's interrupted though, because he hears the camera in the background behind the plant. He stands up and asks if anyone is there, before spotting something in the plant. He gets closer and closer to it, before the camera teleports to the roof as the drop to The Entity begins to play. So, now we know the mystery camera is The Entity's POV, and that it can teleport. The Entity looks around in all the skylights on the roof, until it finds a red one. There's red lights in Dan's office, so that has to be Dan's skylight. The camera then disappears.

In the middle of SPOOKY, the poll closes and "Let him vibe" wins by a small margin. Dan, in the Twitch chat, is surprised that chat has his back, and feels almost invincible now. Josh, also in chat, is certain that Dan is fine now, and wonders if The Entity will disagree with chat or not.

At the end of SPOOKY, Dan returns to the audience and says that this year was another Halloween episode that went off the rails. This is when The Entity's camera appears as well. His camera isn't working, he keeps hearing noises in the studio, he can't call Josh anymore. Things are just not going well. He hopes he can make to the end of the episode, but decides he's out of things to say for the rest of the episode, joking that he might as well just say "Later Days". So, he begins to say "Later Days", but is cut off. His red skylight turns pitch black, as he's suddenly cut off. Evil Inside VIP then begins to play immediately after.

When Shadow begins to play, The Entity's camera appears again. Dan is looking around for where the noises could be coming from in his office. As he's looking, he spots The Entity up in the skylight, then falls over and crawls out of the room in fear.

The COTW ends a couple songs later, leaving what happens with the poll and what happened to Dan unanswered until further notice.


No. Approx. Time Track Artist(s) / Mixer(s) Featured Artist(s) Remixer(s) Special Info
1. 00:00:45 Existentia FWLR
2. 00:04:07 Beast Kompany & Teddy Killerz
3. 00:05:49 Vex Bensley
6. 00:10:11 Murda Pegboard Nerds & More Plastic Monstercat Exclusive
7. 00:10:55 The Ride Pegboard Nerds & More Plastic
8. 00:11:17 Murda Pegboard Nerds & More Plastic Monstercat Exclusive
9. 00:14:02 The Government Stonebank
10. 00:16:41 Mercy Bossfight & F.O.O.L
11. 00:20:28 Warp Zone Nitro Fun
12. 00:23:29 Warp Zone x Tombstone Nitro Fun x Will Sparks & SCNDL Monstercat Mashup
13. 00:25:03 Tombstone Will Sparks & SCNDL
14. 00:25:56 Vicimus Slippy
15. 00:27:18 Crucified SLUMBERJACK & Daktyl MOONZz
16. 00:27:43 Crucified x Haunted SLUMBERJACK & Daktyl x Slippy MOONZz Monstercat Mashup
17. 00:29:10 Ascend x High Jay Cosmic x Whales & Jo Cohen Monstercat Mashup
18. 00:30:01 Ascend Jay Cosmic
19. 00:31:08 Ascend x Start Again Jay Cosmic x MUZZ Monstercat Mashup
20. 00:31:56 Start Again MUZZ
21. 00:32:23 Start Again x 1000 Cuts MUZZ x KUURO & Clockvice Monstercat Mashup
22. 00:33:59 Never Looking Back Stonebank
23. 00:36:47 Magma Pixel Terror Uncaged Spotlight
24. 00:40:09 Warriors Glacier Instinct Spotlight
25. 00:44:03 Only You A.M.R & Brandon Mignacca Silk Spotlight
26. 00:46:54 Only You x Lido A.M.R & Brandon Mignacca x CloudNone Monstercat Mashup
27. 00:48:34 The Entity Stonebank
28. 00:50:17 SPOOKY Tokyo Machine
29. 00:52:31 Evil Inside VIP Dirtyphonics & Bossfight
30. 00:54:21 Locked Away Whales Courtney Drummey
31. 00:57:06 Shadow Bossfight, JT Roach & RUNN Gold Feature
32. 00:58:39 Ghost Town Draper
33. 01:00:28 Run Ghost & ZUSHI


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