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322 - Monstercat: Call of the Wild (Halloween Special) is the 171st episode of the Call of the Wild series and the fourth Halloween episode. During the episode's livestream, it included guests Slippy, Protostar, Dylan Todd, Hollie Ha and Josh (a.k.a. Rocketman). The episode contained twenty-one tracks, including two Monstercat exclusives (one being a mystery track). The episode is approximately 58 minutes and 54 seconds (58:54) and the livestream is approximately 1 hour, 2 minutes and 46 seconds (1:02:46).


Dan opens the episode by introducing everyone to the "Extra Spooky Halloween Episode", but backtracks and says that this year will be normal, unlike other years. He mentions that for some reason, every year on Halloween, something goes wrong on the show. But, he reiterates that today is going to be normal because he is going to call Monstercat Artists and Staff alike, Slippy and Protostar to name a few, and interview them. Or at least, he's going to hope that today is normal.

To begin the interviews, Dan reaches out to Sabai first, but when reaching out to him, Sabai doesn't pick up. Dan initially starts chuckling at the problem, realizing that things are still going to go wrong, no matter what. He starts looking into the problem while his camera's still on, leading to a bit of dead air. When Dan finds the problem, he tells everyone to wait for a second, then his camera and camera graphics begin to glitch out. His camera becomes super pixelated, his voice is modulated to be super deep, and the text with his name on it becomes "IT'S BEHIND YOU". When he finally figures it all out, his camera and name text return to normal, but his voice is still deep. Dan decides to move on to the next person, since calling Sabai isn't going to work.

Next, to double check that the link to be interviewed is working, Dan calls Josh (a.k.a Rocketman) and tells him what happened with Sabai. Josh's initial reaction is that Sabai decided to play Among Us instead of being interviewed. Dan jokingly replies that Sabai has been a little suspicious lately, then asks Josh if he can check if all the links are working properly, so he can continue doing the interviews. Josh accepts this task and says he'll tell Dan if he finds anything weird. Dan hangs up the call and before he continues the COTW, a door opens on its own behind him. He asks if anyone is there and gets no response as he walks towards it. Out of options, he closes the door and returns to the show, moving it right along.

Continuing on with the interviews, Dan calls Hollie Ha, the host of the Monstercat enVISION COTWs, and she appears! Dan celebrates that the link has worked for someone and briefly tells Hollie that the Sabai interview didn't work out. He introduces her to the chat, and asks Hollie her opinions on the enVISION episodes she's hosted. As she's talking, Dan notices someone in the background, standing in the dark room behind her. When Dan notices them, they disappear. Dan interrupts Hollie and asks if she lives with anyone, to which she responds no. He tells Hollie that he just saw someone standing in her bedroom, staring at the spot where the mysterious person just was. Hollie doesn't believe him and tells Dan "not to scare her like that", but Dan assures her that there was indeed someone standing there, saying to ask chat if she still doesn't believe him. Hollie looks into the dark bedroom, assessing her options before going to hesitantly check it out. Dan repeatedly tells Hollie to be careful as she approaches the bedroom, but Hollie steps inside and says she doesn't see anything wrong with it. Suddenly, the door to the bedroom slams shut behind her, much to the surprise of Dan. The door does not open again. Dan begins to move away from the camera as the next song begins to play, saying that he needs to figure out what just happened and lets the COTW run by itself.

Dan calls Josh again, hoping for some good news after what just happened with Hollie. Josh tells Dan that all the links for the interviews seem to be in working order, and things should be working perfectly. Dan agrees, saying that the links are in fact working, but explains the story of how Hollie was kidnapped inside her own apartment just minutes ago. Josh is in disbelief, asking Dan if she's really gone, and he confirms this. Dan suspects that the reason Hollie went missing has to do the links they're sending to the guests and asks Josh to look further into the issue. Josh takes this opportunity to tell Dan about the weird things happening on his end as well. He is in charge of the Spotify playlists, so he was changing them around to get ready for next week, prefacing that no one has touched them except him. But, when turning his camera around to show them, all the tracks in the playlist were Stonebank - The Entity. Dan begins to rant, saying that everything is still going wrong and how this happens every year without fail, but Josh stops him, assuring him that this can't be allowed to happen for yet another year. Dan recollects himself and continues to say the issue stems from the link they're sending to the people they're interviewing. Josh says that the link being the problem sounds crazy, but he'll look into it and see what's wrong. Dan hangs up the call and moves on to the next interview.

Next, Dan calls Dylan Todd, the Community Manager for Monstercat. Dan explains what's been going on, highlighting that Hollie went missing to Dylan, who is in shock that Hollie has gone missing. But, he begins to be skeptical as Dan says that he thinks Hollie was playing a prank and that she's fine. Dylan asks him about this and Dan promptly moves on from the topic, asking him about the community COTWs he's hosted. As Dylan is talking, he hears a door open behind him and watches it open in his camera, then turns around to watch it close. He asks Dan if he saw what just happened and he says he did, adding that chat definitely saw it too. Dylan goes to check outside of his room and sees nothing, which almost restarts Dan's rant from earlier. Dylan asks what's happening and when he sits back down, someone is in the closet in the background. Dan alerts him immediately and Dylan jolts out of his seat and hides under his desk, asking Dan what he's doing to the other people being interviewed. Dan replies that he's not doing anything to anybody and backpedals out of the situation, saying that he has to keep COTW going, so he leaves Dylan to defend himself and hangs up the call.

Continuing anyway with the interviews, Dan calls Slippy. He warns Slippy of the things that have been happening over the course of the show, and he mentions that it's a little ominous, but is ready to go on with the interview. Dan notices that Slippy has a piano and asks him to play something for the stream, and he plays a few chords before stopping. Dan then asks if Slippy can play one of his songs on the piano. Slippy turns back to the piano, but outside of the window in front of the piano, there was someone right up against it. Slippy jolts onto his feet and runs elsewhere in his house, saying he has no idea what Dan did, but now he is going to be the next one to disappear. Dan begins to backpedal away from the situation once again, since he has to keep the show going. Slippy then drops the camera and runs off somewhere else before Dan hangs up the call and moves on.

The last person Dan calls is Protostar. Protostar instantly asks what's been going on, and Dan explains that there has been some wild things that have been happening in the past hour. Protostar asks what kinds of wild things and Dan lists weird sounds, and people appearing in their houses as wild things that have been happening. Protostar doesn't believe a word of it and tells Dan that a prank is being played on him. Dan begins to explain that everything that's happened so far is not a prank, and that it's a trend to have something like this happen every year around this time. But, as he's talking, a door opens behind him. Protostar watches the door open and says that Dan is now pranking him, instead of people pranking Dan. Dan insists that he did not open the door, but Protostar is not convinced whatsoever. Dan slowly goes to close the door, pointing towards Protostar, expecting him to watch for anything suspicious. He gets to the door, looks outside of it and finds nothing, He turns back to the camera, tells Protostar that there's nothing there, and then suddenly gets grabbed and pulled through the door. Protostar is surprised for all of two seconds before saying "Haha, very funny, dude. Nice prank!" and proceeding to clap. But, after Dan didn't return, he began to question if Dan was actually gone, and then began to worry a little bit. He says to press F in the chat for Dan and then hangs up.

A call from Josh appears on screen, staying there for a bit until he hangs up after not getting an answer. Josh begins to text Dan, and the notifications appear on the top right of the screen. The messages read: "IT'S THE LINK!! DON'T OPEN!", "DON'T SEND THEM", "DAN?!?", and "oh no...".

Dan finally reconnects with the stream and is seen running away from the HQ and down the street. He decides that the office is haunted and that he's not going back anymore. He reiterates that every year, this sort of thing happens and that he is always the one to have to experience it. He apologizes to everyone he interviewed and just wants to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. But, he runs into The Entity on the street, drops his phone, and sprints the other direction before his camera disappears.

His camera reappears in the same spot, but Dan isn't present and only The Entity's voice can be heard. The Entity says Happy Halloween and later days, but then decides that later nights sounds cooler and then decides to find someone else to scare. The episode then ends.


No. Approx. Time Track Artist(s) / Mixer(s) Featured Artist(s) Remixer(s) Special Info
1. 00:00:45 Intro Bossfight
2. 00:02:05 Haunted VIP Slippy
3. 00:05:29 Aamon KUURO
4. 00:08:29 Evil Inside Dirtyphonics & Bossfight
5. 00:09:46 Evil Inside VIP Dirtyphonics & Bossfight
6. 00:11:23 Exterminate Pegboard Nerds
7. 00:13:50 Omega Pixel Terror Monstercat Exclusive
8. 00:15:20 SPOOKY VIP Tokyo Machine
9. 00:17:41 SPOOKY Tokyo Machine Tisoki
10. 00:18:07 Tombstone Will Sparks & SCNDL
11. 00:21:58 Quake Dirty Audio & Slippy
12. 00:25:36 Dracarys Deorro & Dirty Audio
13. 00:28:01 The Entity Stonebank
14. 00:32:01 ID (The Grave) ID (Kage) Monstercat Exclusive
15. 00:33:48 Ghost Town Draper
16. 00:37:20 Vex Bensley
17. 00:41:00 Speaker Slippy
19. 00:46:53 No Turning Back Protostar
20. 00:51:51 Berserker Mazare & Essenger
21. 00:55:46 Warp Zone Nitro Fun


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