312 - Monstercat: Call of the Wild (enVISION x Ali Bruce) is the 161st episode of the Call of the Wild series. The episode was hosted by Holly, the Monstercat Apparel Shop manager, and focused on the clothing lineup enVISION, which empowers creatives from around the world to apply their signature style to apparel. The third line of apparel is from Ali Bruce, a visual artist from Vancouver, Canada, known for her murals and tattoo art, and was inspired to design the apparel by Monstercat's value of tenacity. The episode included guests Ali Bruce and Tristan (Head of Apparel). The episode contained eighteen tracks, including two Monstercat exclusives, a community pick, and two Uncaged and Instinct spotlights. The episode is approximately 1 hour and 12 seconds (1:00:12).

Tracklist Edit

No. Approx. Time Track Artist(s) / Mixer(s) Featured Artist(s) Remixer Special Info
1. 00:00:45 Dystopia 2077 F.O.O.L & The Forgotten
2. 00:03:49 The Raid Kage Uncaged Spotlight
3. 00:07:14 PLAY Tokyo Machine LöKii
4. 00:10:21 2U Bad Computer
5. 00:13:25 Blackout Pegboard Nerds
6. 00:16:36 Riddle Bad Computer MYLK (uncredited)
7. 00:20:20 Evaporate Trivecta Aloma Steele Community Pick
8. 00:25:05 Dreamer Throttle Grace Fulmer (uncredited)
9. 00:29:11 Extraordinary Pegboard Nerds & Spyker Elizaveta
10. 00:32:01 Elevate Rootkit
11. 00:36:09 Stuck In Your Head Tony Romera
12. 00:39:29 Revival SMLE & Just A Gent Monstercat Exclusive
13. 00:42:24 Voyage Rootkit Kage
14. 00:46:15 Worst Part of Heaven Duumu Trove Instinct Spotlight
15. 00:48:19 Half a Heart BEAUZ & Ghost AmanderSings Monstercat Exclusive
16. 00:51:55 Airglow Laszlo
17. 00:55:41 Nova Nigel Good

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