307 - Monstercat: Call of the Wild (enVISION x Yu Maeda) is the 156th episode of the Call of the Wild series. The episode was hosted by Holly, the Monstercat Apparel Shop manager, and focused on the clothing lineup enVISION, which empowers creatives from around the world to apply their signature style to apparel. The second line of apparel is from Yu Maeda, a visual artist originally from Japan, whose playful motif showcases his passion for psychedelic art, and features a whimsical and fun interpretation of Monstercat. The episode included guests Yu Maeda and Amanda Cha a.k.a. Gameshrimp (Senior Illustrator and Creative Lead of Uncaged). The episode contained eighteen tracks, including two Monstercat exclusives, and two Uncaged and Instinct spotlights. The episode is approximately 59 minutes and 59 seconds (59:59).

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

No. Approx. Time Track Artist(s) / Mixer(s) Featured Artist(s) Remixer Special Info
1. 00:00:45 Just Close Your Eyes Notaker
2. 00:02:57 Color Grant Juneau
3. 00:06:18 Friends Rome In Silver Chæ Monstercat Exclusive
4. 00:10:16 Chrysalis Protostar & Draper
5. 00:14:00 Neo Soul Cyazon & Essenger Uncaged Spotlight
6. 00:18:09 Clova Pylot
7. 00:22:13 Cave Me In FWLR & A-SHO
8. 00:25:06 Conflict F.O.O.L
9. 00:27:57 JOURNEY Tokyo Machine
10. 00:31:25 2U Bad Computer
11. 00:34:37 By My Side Julian Calor Instinct Spotlight
12. 00:37:36 351 CloudNone
13. 00:41:58 Just You Puppet & Pierce Fulton
14. 00:45:00 Run To You Summer Was Fun Merōn
15. 00:48:19 Underwater Rameses B Merōn
16. 00:51:17 Give and Take Direct
17. 00:54:29 Breathe Again Duumu Slyleaf (uncredited) Monstercat Exclusive
18. 00:56:37 Distance Richard Caddock & Hyper Potions

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