300 - Monstercat: Call of the Wild is the 149th episode of the Call of the Wild series. This special episode is approximately 3 hours, 1 minute and 23 seconds (3:01:23) with a total of "200" songs (88 during the first & third hours, 117 during the mix takeover). The first hour is a "bangers" mix with five Uncaged exclusives as well as a Monstercat mashup and a mashup by COTW mixer Rocketman. The second hour is a mega-takeover of the mix contest finalists dubbed The Wildcats (Makwill, Beatplant, Duality, DisharMonik, NOTE, Feathervane, Ben Lepper, SILVER SKIES, Monst3r, Ethani and Prime Ordnance). The third hour is a "feel-good" mix with five Instinct exclusives as well as a Monstercat mashup and a B2B.

Tracklist Edit

Hour One Edit

No. Approx. Time Track Artist(s) Featured Artist(s) Remixer(s) Special Info
1. 00:00:45 The Fire Puppet & The Eden Project
2. 00:05:21 Potions SLANDER & Said The Sky JT Roach SLANDER & Bossfight
3. 00:06:26 One For All, All For One Razihel & Virtual Riot
4. 00:07:45 Code Blood Xilent
5. 00:09:27 Superstar Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE Krewella
6. 00:11:29 Brostep Strikes Back Gammer
7. 00:12:27 Jungle Fury RIOT
8. 00:14:51 Pray for Me ShockOne
9. 00:15:52 No Sleep Bossfight
10. 00:16:30 No Sleep VIP Bossfight
11. 00:18:27 Stronger Stonebank EMEL
12. 00:19:12 Deeper Love Botnek & I See MONSTAS
13. 00:19:34 RAVEPUNK REAPER
14. 00:20:41 Overkill RIOT
15. 00:23:27 Party Don't Stop Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer
16. 00:24:48 DYSYLM Gammer & Darren Styles Monstercat Exclusive
17. 00:25:56 Ripped to Pieces Stonebank EMEL
18. 00:28:11 Ripped To Pieces VIP Stonebank EMEL
19. 00:29:30 Fury (Podcast Intro Edit) Feint
20. 00:29:55 Boundless Aero Chord
21. 00:30:51 Crab Rave Noisestorm MUZZ & Going Quantum Monstercat Exclusive
22. 00:31:57 Crash & Burn KUURO Monstercat Exclusive
23. 00:33:27 SOS Stonebank & Elizaveta
24. 00:35:38 Pink Cloud Pegboard Nerds Max Collins FKYA
25. 00:36:51 Kaleidoscope Kasbo
26. 00:38:05 Needed U This Time Kayzo x Gammer Rocketman Mashup
27. 00:39:35 Self Destruct Pegboard Nerds
28. 00:40:03 Men & Machines Draper
29. 00:40:42 Turn Around Grabbitz
30. 00:42:03 Maxima Pixel Terror
31. 00:43:19 Get On Up Jauz & Pegboard Nerds
32. 00:45:03 BUBBLES Tokyo Machine
33. 00:45:33 EPIC Tokyo Machine
34. 00:45:48 SAIKOU Tokyo Machine
35. 00:46:16 Ya Think Habstrakt & MARTEN HØRGER
36. 00:47:20 War Astronaut & Far Too Loud F.O.O.L & Didrick
37. 00:48:34 Fugitive Case & Point
38. 00:50:45 Superhuman SLANDER Eric Leva
39. 00:51:30 Superhuman SLANDER feat. Eric Leva Spag Heddy
40. 00:51:55 You Don't Even Know Me x Superhuman SLANDER x RIOT x Spag Heddy Eric Leva & (uncredited) Delacey Monstercat Mashup
41. 00:52:24 TITAN Protostar
42. 00:54:24 Breakdown VIP Noisestorm
43. 00:56:14 Surface Aero Chord
44. 00:58:18 Flight Tristam & Braken
45. 01:00:19 Nemesis MUZZ Monstercat Exclusive

Hour Two - Wildcats Takeover Edit

No. Approx. Time Mix Tracks Artist(s) Featured Artist(s) Remixer(s) Special Info
1. 01:02:01 Makwill Mix - My Galaxy, Lilith, Kneel Before Me, Sovereign, Prometheus, Valkyrie II: Lacuna, Alarm (Signal Remix), OBLIVION, Bring the Madness, Bring the Madness (Aero Chord Remix), Play, Just Like That, Just Like That (Rusko Remix), and Outsiders Eminence & Markus Cole, Varien, SLANDER & Crankdat, Bossfight, Rameses B, Lookas & Krewella, REAPER, Excision & Pegboard Nerds, and MUZZ Q'AILA, Cassandra Kay, Mayor Apeshit and UK:ID Signal and Aero Chord Makwill's Location: Krasnodar, Russia
2. 01:07:58 Beatplant Mix - Lost Metropolis, More, Glimmer, Victory, Soldier, Lose It All, OSCar, Feeling Stronger (High Maintenance Remix), Party Don't Stop, Disorder, Disorder (Rebirth) and SPOOKY MUZZ, Subformat, TwoThirds, San Holo, Stonebank, Atmozfears, Pegboard Nerds, Darren Styles & Dougal & Gammer, RIOT, and Tokyo Machine Charli Brix, Charlotte Colley and CoMa High Maintenance Beatplant's Location: Amersfoort, Netherlands
3. 01:13:22 Duality Mix - Deeper Love (Duko Remix), Pinball, Deeper Love, PLAY, People Say, Galactic Voyage, Apollo, Follow You, Mark Twain, Let It Go and Take That Botnek & I See MONSTAS, Astronaut & EYES, Tokyo Machine, Skifonix, PIXL, Au5, Half an Orange, Eptic & Dillon Francis, and RIOT Stella Talpo and Danyka Nadeau Duko Duality's Location: Toronto, Canada
4. 01:18:22 DisharMonik Mix - Urban Foxes, Dreamstate, The Longest Night, Fire Flower, Memory, Red Shift, All For Nothing, Wash Away, Gone and Build the Cities CloudNone, Ephixa, Notaker, Holly & Loosid, Haywyre, Laszlo, Duumu & MYRNE, Aero Chord & Tylor Maurer, and Karma Fields Danyka Nadeau and Kerli DisharMonik's Location: London, UK
5. 01:23:38 NOTE Mix - Athena, Stronger, Haunted, Move That Body (Soltan Remix), Never Looking Back, Time Voyage, Against the Sun, Voyage, Out On A Limb, I Can't and Soda SLUMBERJACK, TheFatRat & Slaydit & Anjulie, Slippy, Pegboard Nerds & Quiet Disorder, Stonebank, Just A Gent, Rootkit, Bad Computer, Mr FijiWiji, Tut Tut Child, and Pixel Terror Hauskey, Anna Yvette, Jonny Rose and itsreallyelijah Soltan NOTE's Location: Manila, Philippines
6. 01:29:59 Feathervane Mix - Drift Away, TEVA833, I Can't, Wanchu Back, Thought Police, Inside, Back To You and Unbreakable Trivecta, Varien, Tut Tut Child, Aero Chord, Mr FijiWiji, Au5, WRLD & Keepsake & Laszlo, and Hyper Potions Charlotte Haining and Danyka Nadeau Feathervane's Location: Houston, USA
7. 01:34:46 Ben Lepper Mix - About Us, Contemplate, U&ME, This Time Around and Infinite Disero & FTKS, Savoy & Grabbitz, Justin OH, Keepsake, and Notaker Winter and Slyleaf Ben Lepper's Location: Boston, USA
8. 01:39:59 SILVER SKIES Mix - Revenger, The Pink Killing Floor, Kneel Before Me, Only Now, Blue and To Dust F.O.O.L, Varien, SLANDER & Crankdat, Xilent, Au5 & Fractal Asking Alexandria SILVER SKIES' Location: Detroit, USA
9. 01:43:41 Monst3r Mix - More Of Just The Same, Halo, Blow ExXxplode, Spitfire, Final Boss, Hot, Cold Blood & Ice Cream Cones, Follow Me and Eden Infected Mushroom & WHITENO1SE, Eminence, Arion, Nitro Fun, FWLR, Julian Calor, and Au5 Danyka Nadeau Monst3r's Location: Texas, USA
10. 01:48:31 Ethani Mix - Give and Take, Cold Skin, Aphasia, Get It All, Potions (Au5 Remix), Bloom, New Sky, Fell Down, Potions (SLANDER & Bossfight Remix), We Love and Potions (Danny Olson Remix) Direct, Seven Lions & Echos, Mr FijiWiji, MYRNE & Popeska, SLANDER & Said The Sky, Throttle, San Holo, Tut Tut Child, and Rameses B Emily Hendrix and Holly Drummond Au5, SLANDER & Bossfight, and Danny Olson Ethani's Location: Boston, USA
11. 01:54:36 Prime Ordnance Mix - No Sleep VIP, Exodus, Overture 1990, Dream In Color (AMIDY Remix), Wuxia, The One (Effin Remix), Roam, Power, Beyond The Stars, Falling, Agonic (Intro), Rainbow Road, Sacred Woods, Money, Destiny and Disconnected VIP Bossfight, Delta Heavy, RIOT, HALIENE, Mitchell Claxton, Habstrakt, Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King, Eptic, Crankdat, Koven, Nanobii, Varien, Feed Me, and Pegboard Nerds Skyelle and Desirée Dawson AMIDY and Effin Prime Ordnance's Location: New York, USA

Hour Three Edit

No. Approx. Time Track Artist(s) Featured Artist(s) Remixer Special Info
1. 01:58:56 Build the Cities (Empire of Sound) Tristam x Karma Fields Kerli
2. 02:00:59 Contra Pixel Terror Sara Skinner
3. 02:02:45 Without You Grant, Anevo & Conro Victoria Zaro
4. 02:04:32 For A Minute Justin OH Jimin Park Monstercat Exclusive
5. 02:06:02 Cold Grabbitz LAYNE
6. 02:07:39 Alarm Lookas & Krewella
7. 02:09:15 Collide Fractal Danyka Nadeau
8. 02:10:35 Stand Off MEMBA & Ehiorobo
9. 02:12:01 Riptide Trivecta, AMIDY & RØRY
10. 02:13:48 Tattoo Conro
11. 02:15:34 The Vine Tristam
12. 02:17:22 Sight of Your Soul Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King
13. 02:18:52 Cobra Tails & Juelz
14. 02:20:32 Broken Glass Sabai Merseh Monstercat Exclusive
15. 02:22:05 Blink 182 Half an Orange
16. 02:23:35 Thinking Bout You Disero & Bertie Scott
17. 02:24:41 Quantum Astronaut Virtual Riot
18. 02:25:49 City Lights Conro Royal
19. 02:26:27 Ready To Fly x Air Rogue x Didrick x Adam Young Monstercat Mashup
20. 02:28:50 Goodbye Au5 NOHC
21. 02:30:42 Follow You Au5 Danyka Nadeau
22. 02:32:53 Disarray Bad Computer
23. 02:34:17 Chasing Clouds Bad Computer & Danyka Nadeau Monstercat Exclusive
24. 02:35:47 All For Nothing Duumu & MYRNE
25. 02:37:14 Hold On Summer Was Fun Q'AILA
26. 02:39:03 Replay Fairlane, Syence & Kwesi Monstercat B2B
27. 02:41:17 Toxic inverness & Amelia Moore Monstercat Exclusive
28. 02:43:22 Odin's Ghost Stephen Walking
29. 02:44:46 Unbreakable Hyper Potions Danyka Nadeau
30. 02:47:16 Rainbow Road nanobii
31. 02:48:02 Before We Fade Tristam
32. 02:50:10 New World Hoaprox Rogue Monstercat Exclusive
33. 02:51:53 Forward Duumu ÊMIA
34. 02:53:28 JUMP DROELOE Nevve
35. 02:55:20 Mountains Rameses B Veela
36. 02:57:15 Against the Sun Rootkit Anna Yvette
37. 02:59:00 We Won't Be Alone Feint Laura Brehm
38. 03:00:28 This Is The End Gammer David Spekter

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Note: The features below do not include the artists, vocalists and remixers in the Wildcats mixes; theses will be added soon.

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