296 - Monstercat: Call of the Wild (enVISION x Bene Rohlmann) is the 145th episode of the Call of the Wild series. The episode was hosted by Holly, the Monstercat Apparel Shop manager and focused on the new clothing lineup, enVISION, which empowers creatives from around the world to apply their signature style to apparel. The first line of apparel is from Bene (Benedict) Rohlmann, a visual artist from Berlin, Germany who reimagined Monstercat with a vibrant tropical infusion. It included guests Bene Rohlmann and Erica (Senior Graphic Designer and Creative Lead of Instinct and enVISION). The episode contained eighteen tracks, including two Monstercat exclusives. The episode is approximately 59 minutes and 18 seconds (59:18).

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

No. Approx. Time Track Artist(s) / Mixer(s) Featured Artist(s) Remixer(s) Special Info
1. 00:00:45 Memory Haywyre
2. 00:04:32 Break Loose Televisor feat. Splitbreed
3. 00:08:24 Trippin Conro
4. 00:11:31 2 Me SMLE feat. Kiddo Ai & Nick Smith
5. 00:15:41 Different Story The Night
6. 00:19:06 Want You Orbiter
7. 00:22:10 Heartless Dexter King & Aaron Richards Monstercat Exclusive
8. 00:25:39 OFFLINE LVTHER & EMAN8
9. 00:28:58 Friends Again LVTHER feat. Claire Ridgely
10. 00:32:45 Kick It Conro
11. 00:36:49 Deya Televisor feat. Patrick Baker
12. 00:39:35 Don't Say Ur Sorry Ellis feat. Maribelle Monstercat Exclusive
13. 00:41:38 Scared Half an Orange & WRLD
14. 00:45:22 Feel That Way Ellis
15. 00:49:50 Sit Like A Flamingo Half an Orange, Disero & Josh Bogert
16. 00:54:51 Fighters Conro
17. 00:56:56 Golden Nonsens & Snavs
18. 00:59:17 Fabulous LVTHER & GOLDA

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