292 - Monsterdog: Call of the Wild is the 141st episode of the Call of the Wild series. As the first episode to take place on April Fools Day, the label changed it's name to Monsterdog, as well as for other reasons (see Trivia). The episode contained nineteen tracks, including four "Monsterdog" exclusives, a community pick, and two Uncaged and Instinct spotlights. The episode is approximately 59 minutes and 36 seconds (59:36).

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

No. Approx. Time Track Artist(s) / Mixer(s) Featured Artist(s) Remixer(s) Special Info
1. 00:00:45 Hank's Back Lil Hank
2. 00:05:09 Hours soupandreas & Inverness
3. 00:08:14 Follow Me Julian Calor
4. 00:10:46 Crab Rave Noisestorm
5. 00:13:04 Boy and the Beast Pierce Fulton & Puppet
6. 00:16:56 Hidden Level Nitro Fun Uncaged Spotlight
7. 00:20:04 Synchronize Hellberg feat. Aaron Richards Community Pick
8. 00:24:53 Loverus Tony Romera Monsterdog Exclusive
9. 00:28:36 Move Me Rogue Monsterdog Exclusive
10. 00:30:59 Clarity Bad Computer
11. 00:33:58 Borneo Wolfgang Gartner& Aero Chord
12. 00:37:32 To The Top Stonebank
13. 00:41:47 Meant to Be Aiobahn & Vin uncredited feat. Kyle Reynolds Instinct Spotlight
14. 00:44:36 We Are One Kill Paris
15. 00:47:30 Bust It Out FWLR Monsterdog Exclusive
16. 00:48:44 Interluden Xilent
18. 00:54:18 Soldier Stonebank
19. 00:57:04 Forever Rameses B feat. Zoe Moon Monsterdog Exclusive

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In a tweet, Mike Darlington posted how he was bit by a cat and questioned naming his label after one. Monstercat responded by changing their name to Monsterdog.
  • Monsterdog started an album artwork contest for the first ever Monsterdog album (yes, it's real).
  • During the stream, pictures of the staff's dogs were shown, including Abby, Bruce, Franny (who shares a resemblance to the meme, Walter the Dog, according to the community), Louis, Sage, Yuki, and Sparky, as well as "the cat that bit Mike".
  • During the stream, several artists were given names related to dog words, including SouPAWdreas, Julian CaLAB, PUPPY (Puppet), HellBRED, Bad CUBputer, WolfPACK Gartner, Aero COLLAR, StoneBARK & StoneBEAGLE, and PUG Paris.

Featured Artists[edit | edit source]

Featured Vocalists[edit | edit source]

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