Call of the Wild (Hosted by Direct) is the 118th episode of the Call of the Wild series. The episode was hosted by Direct who shared his favorite songs on the label and previewed songs from his Cold Ground EP. The episode contained eighteen tracks, including a Monstercat exclusive, a COTW mashup, a throwback, an Instinct spotlight and four releases from Direct's Cold Ground EP. The episode is approximately 58 minutes and 44 seconds (58:44).

No. Approx. Time:
Artist(s) / Mixer(s):
Featured Artist(s):
1. 00:00:45St TropezTony Romera & SQWAD
2. 00:04:21EntropyMr FijiWiji & DirectMonstercat Throwback
3. 00:08:21Chasing DaylightCloudNone & Directfeat. Slyleaf
4. 00:10:24LA2016Direct & Mr FijiWiji
5. 00:13:00AnonymousCloudNone & Paul Aiden
6. 00:17:07BloomThrottleMonstercat Exclusive
7. 00:19:42Give And TakeDirect
8. 00:21:18Cold GroundDirect & Matt Van
9. 00:24:47Decoy WorldINTERCOMfeat. Park Avenue
10. 00:28:24Dreaming of YouSlushii
11. 00:31:24My Sunshine - About Us, Sunshine & CanvasDualityCOTW Mashup
12. 00:34:37One Less StarDirect & Killabytefeat. Matt Van
13. 00:38:41Left BehindDirect
14. 00:41:40Trust In MeDirect, Mr FijiWiji, & Holly Drummond
15. 00:46:03Left BehindHalf an Orange & Inukshuk
17. 00:52:08SuspiciousFWLR & BRDGSInstinct Spotlight
18. 00:55:34What Feels RightMindsight & Duumu

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