Call of the Wild Episode 262 is the 111th episode of the Call of the Wild series. The episode was hosted by the Community Manager of Monstercat, Dylan Todd. The episode contained eighteen tracks, including three Monstercat exclusives, a COTW mashup, a throwback, and two Uncaged and Instinct spotlights. The episode is approximately 1 hour and 5 seconds (1:00:05).

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1. 00:00:45Time Goes ByNitro Fun
2. 00:03:45Internet BoyDion Timmerfeat. Micah Martin
3. 00:07:00OverdoseBossfightfeat. Philip Strand
4. 00:10:45MatchesEphixa & Stephen Walkingfeat. Aaron Richardsremixed by Slippy
5. 00:15:18BLiSS on MushroomsInfected Mushroom & BLiSSfeat. Miyavi
6. 00:19:01PowerEpticMonstercat Exclusive
7. 00:21:22This Is The EndGammerfeat. David SpekterUncaged Spotlight
8. 00:25:14SAWTOOTHREAPERMonstercat Exclusive
9. 00:28:10InjectDroptek
10. 00:31:31Watch OutDirtyphonics & Bassnectarfeat. Ragga Twins
11. 00:34:43In The NightMuzzyfeat. Sullivan King
12. 00:37:15Killing GiantsPuppet & MURTAGHfeat. Richard Caddock
13. 00:41:10Talk!Duumu & ÊMIAInstinct Spotlight
14. 00:44:19HelloGoing QuantumMonstercat Throwback
15. 00:47:29You Me and GravityKoven & Crystal Skies
16. 00:51:08Take It All - Get It All x PotionsFeathervaneCOTW Mashup
17. 00:54:28Ran Out of ReasonsVicetonefeat. Jude & Night PandaMonstercat Exclusive
18. 56:50Sight of Your SoulDirtyphonics & Sullivan King

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