Call of the Wild Episode 261 is the 110th episode of the Call of the Wild series. The episode contained nineteen tracks, including four Monstercat exclusives, a COTW mashup, and two Uncaged and Instinct spotlights. The episode is approximately 1 hour, 3 minutes and 58 seconds (1:03:58).

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1. 00:00:45The StormNotaker
2. 00:05:36Can We Be FreeKUURO
3. 00:08:39NumbFWLRfeat. Che'Nelle
4. 00:12:02Talk!Duumu & ÊMIAMonstercat Exclusive
5. 00:13:40RendezvousLaszlo
6. 00:16:36Who's Got Your LoveStonebank
7. 00:19:31This Is The EndGammerfeat. David SpekterMonstercat Exclusive
8. 00:21:27Hate Being AloneSLANDERfeat. Dylan Matthew
9. 00:24:58Beat DownBossfightMonstercat Exclusive
10. 00:28:45MaximaPixel Terror
11. 00:33:11Back to StartStonebank
12. 00:37:46A Lot Like YouZac Waters
13. 00:41:46HYPETokyo Machine
14. 00:44:31St TropezTony Romera & SQWADUncaged Spotlight
15. 00:47:52Do You Remember - Remember You x Do You Don't YouBen LepperCOTW Mashup
16. 00:52:27SunscreenHalf an OrangeInstinct Spotlight
17. 00:55:03MatchesEphixa & Stephen Walkingfeat. Aaron Richardsremixed by Dark Cat & VYNYL
18. 00:58:21Open SpacesJust A Gentfeat. NevveMonstercat Exclusive
19. 01:00:31Solace (Acoustic Version)Feint & Laura Brehm

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