Call of the Wild Episode 260 is the 109th episode of the Call of the Wild series. The episode contained nineteen tracks, including five Monstercat exclusives, a throwback, and an Uncaged spotlight. The episode is approximately 1 hour and 23 seconds long (1:00:23).

No. Approx. Time:
Artist(s) / Mixer(s):
Featured Artist(s):
1. 00:00:45You Me and GravityKOVEN & Crystal Skies
2. 00:04:17Let It GoEptic & Dillon FrancisUncaged Spotlight
3. 00:07:29Red ShiftLaszlo
4. 00:10:51Played OutKill Parisfeat. Dutch Robinson
5. 00:13:28ContagiousGrant & RUNNMonstercat Exclusive
6. 00:17:02Wake Up, You're DreamingNotaker
7. 00:18:44Don't Bring Me DownJustin OHfeat. Delaney Kai (uncredited)
8. 00:22:14Gorilla GlueDirty Audio
9. 00:24:34ClosureSLUMBERJACK & Ekali
10. 00:28:42Out On A LimbMr FijiWijifeat. Jonny RoseMonstercat Throwback
11. 00:30:27St TropezTony Romera & SQWADMonstercat Exclusive
12. 00:32:29Touch MeCandyland & RICCI
13. 00:36:21Black MaskSOULJI
14. 00:39:49ID - To The TopID - StonebankMonstercat Exclusive
15. 00:41:01AirglowLaszlo
16. 00:44:57BerserkerMazare & EssengerMonstercat Exclusive
17. 00:48:53VirtualityRameses B
18. 00:53:38Let's RollEphixa & Going Quantum
19. 00:57:22SunscreenHalf an OrangeMonstercat Exclusive

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  • This episode is the first episode to featured the new intro and the new cover art style.

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