Call of the Wild Episode 259 is the 108th episode of the Call of the Wild series. The episode was hosted by CEO of Monstercat, Mike Darlington, in celebration of his thirtieth birthday. The episode also contained thirty tracks, including six Monstercat exclusives. The episode is approximately 1 hour, 1 minute, and 15 seconds long (1:01:05).

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Featured Artist(s):
1. 00:00:42On the RiverbankTut Tut Child
2. 00:01:55No Way Back UpNigel Goodfeat. Illuminor
3. 00:05:53Into The LightNotakerfeat. Karra
4. 00:07:26RestraintHaywyre
5. 00:08:11DichotomyHaywyre
6. 00:09:59Blind In LightMemtrix
7. 00:12:12In TouchMurdockfeat. Veela
8. 00:14:03WordsFeintfeat. Laura Brehm
9. 00:16:15Crab RaveNoisestormremixed by Muzzy & Going QuantumMonstercat Exclusive
10. 00:17:20New AgeMuzzyfeat. Celldweller
11. 00:20:16Sight of Your SoulDirtyphonics & Sullivan King
12. 00:21:33BerserkerMazare & EssengerMonstercat Exclusive
13. 00:23:19LeophantFalcon Funk
14. 00:25:06THE DROPGammer
15. 00:26:48No SleepBossfight
16. 00:28:30She's A KillerJustin OH
17. 00:24:31ManslaughterLets Be FriendsVIP Mix
18. 00:31:37End Is Near (Fire in the Hole VIP)Pegboard Nerds
19. 00:33:37Let It GoEptic & Dillon FrancisMonstercat Exclusive
20. 00:35:24UsSnavs
21. 00:36:31RunShockOnefeat. The Bloody Beetroots
22. 00:38:54OverkillRIOT
23. 00:43:27This TimeKayzo
24. 00:44:43Crank Up The DankGammer & Stonebank
25. 00:47:22This Is The EndGammerMonstercat Exclusive
26. 00:49:25Follow MeJulian Calor
27. 00:51:00Far Awayslushii
28. 00:52:12ContagiousGrant & RUNNMonstercat Exclusive
29. 00:54:01StarsConro
30. 00:57:13Crazy As You (Acoustic)Sullivan King & GrabbitzMonstercat Exclusive

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  • There is a small bit at the end where Mike Darlington continuously tries to pronounce "Exclusive Time!" in the right way.

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